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5 April, 2011 21:22

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This is a test of the blog by email system I have set up in my wordpress blog. The reason I am setting this up is so that if I am camping or doing something away from a pc, that i can use my phone as a mini poster and get the job done. That way if I ever go to the appalachian trail I will be able to take my tiny phone and a small charger yet still keep everyone updated. Pretty sweet huh? Lol. Granted it will not have as much pizzaz as a formal post, but it is better then no post at all! Other than this test, today I picked up my dad from New York and drove him back to my house. He is doing much better since the surgery and is in good spirits. Note to self: when driving for more then seven hours (traffic was bad). Bring water and a small snack bag. Tomorrow is Bella’s date for her eye and spay, which I feel bad about and after spending the last few hours with her am pretty sure she is aware something is afoot. I’ll keep you all posted on her status tomorrow.


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April 5, 2011 at 9:22 pm

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