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The American Way

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democracy-now-100 In the United States we lack a coherent method for doing things consistently, other then consistently wrong. We stumble upon ourselves from childbirth to old age living in a world we created that lacks a stable foundation. The only rules we truly respect are: that change is constant and good, that democracy and freedom are everything so long as they agree with our version of freedom and idea of democracy, and that people should always have the most of everything and anything, so long as it is better then yesterday’s thing and better then their neighbor’s stuff. This is the American way of life as far as I can understand it and I think it has no future with a nation that desires to continue existing.

the-world-according-to-americans In democracies and republics, from Ancient Athens, to Rome, to the Pax Americana of today we see the same patterns playing out: a people come up with a great idea to make government flexible and responsive to its’ citizens needs. Those citizens start building upon a very minimalist and liberating framework a set of laws to govern each other in the event something goes wrong. The democratic-republic prospers and the people grow wealthy and forget their roots. They start enacting laws and changing cultural norms to suit the modern times under the premise that : “this time its’ different” or “freedom and tolerance in all forms is needed in the extreme”. They abandon the original ideas of hard work, minimalism, citizen agreement and coherence, and defense of culture.  Inevitably they become a state that adopts the norms of other societies as their own, ridicule themselves and collapse into degenerate hedonism and oppression. Eventually they are overthrown and the few remaining who clung to the old beliefs are relieved of the yoke of the monster their forefathers created.

sdan152l If it is the nature of this type of governance to grow in cycles like this and then destroy itself after 200-400 years then I say let us find a way to do what other cultures around the world have done to preserve their traditions and heritage across millennia. Why should nations like Egypt, China and Japan, with their history replete with wars, new governments, new wars and changing borders be able to cling to things like Kata, Shinto, Taoism, and many respectable cultural rules and we can not? How is it that those nations are allowed the luxury of cultural stability over thousands of years while we, the young and nimble democracies must cast away every great method and superior way of existing in favor of some new, untested procedure? Are we the test tubes of culture and the rest of the world learns the lessons from our hubris and mistakes?

nambla_ouchy_n_evil I remember one rule that was supposed to keep our fledgling republic afloat: the idea of a melting pot culture. The type of society that has a stable baseline to operate: a common language, a common set of values and core principles that are enforced and upheld as the highest good. We would take civics classes and teach these. We would mock those who refused to learn the common tongue, essential for any culture or nation who wishes to remain united and relevant. Those who fell outside of the norm and did not have a good explanation for why, or those who couldn’t demonstrate that their idea was superior were driven from our ranks in order to protect the whole. We scoffed at the idea of tolerance. Ours was a world of intolerance and everyone accepted it because it secured for us some stability and normalcy in our day to day lives. Sure it was sad that you’d appear ignorant and uncultured for yelling at the immigrant next door to learn the language and bathe, but they were told that so that we don’t end up with the need for millions of interpreters and hundreds of copies of government forms, all in different languages and no one able to read them except the immigrants!

images Our way; the American Way, is reaching the end of her teenage years. As a kid we did what our parents expected of us: we followed the rules that worked and we benefitted greatly from it. As we became teens, we did what everyone does in their youth: we rebelled and broke every tradition we could find that we were taught. Eventually the teenager reaches the age where they have to make a tough decision: continue to party and ignore good, solid, time tested advice with the inevitable implication of winding up in a dumpster overdosed on smack, or dust ourselves off and act like adults by reacquainting ourselves with those guides and traditions we shredded and made fun of.

Our way needs to change. Our way should be one that lasts, like those of the most successful human cultures over hundreds of generations instead of ten. America needs to define who she is so that she will know how to act with the rest of the world and in return how she expects to be perceived globally.


Written by Josecito

March 31, 2011 at 8:57 pm

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