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I am reminded this morning of the risks and costs associated with my perpetual inability to get a good night’s sleep. Not that this is anything new or unusual, merely the resurgence of a problem that I have dealt with for most of my life. I have no issues once I fall asleep in getting a solid 6-9 hours of rest and peace, provided that nothing interrupts that time slot. It happened last night, has it has been for these past few months. Which brings me to the crux of the situation:

insomnia As many of you know my house has a few pets and over time, they tend to take on personalities and attitudes that are amusing and show a penchant for socialization. The problem occurs when those pets become bossy and want to invade my bed at that critical time when I begin to fall asleep. I wouldn’t mind this if I could fall asleep easily or ignore it completely. The problem is that my mind is very noise and light sensitive when trying to rest and the moment any movement, sound, or change in light is detected (before sleep) my mind immediately puts effort into waking itself up (my only thought is that it must be a fight/flight response…that it is trying to protect me from the predator). Thus timing is everything and usually by the time I fall asleep, it is dawn and the day is wasted.

9-Unfortunately-Still-Suffering-From-Symptoms-Of-Insomnia Case in point are most nights. I walk Bella for her last walk at around 1130pm-1200am and then put her in her cage for her sleep. I prepare for sleep and get ready to rest, setting up the alarm and doing all those things that everyone says works for them (but never for me). I get into bed and sit there wide awake for hours (2-3hours)  until the sandman finally puts me to sleep. If I do not feel drowsy, I have also tried not going to bed until I feel tired (so that I do not associate my bed with being awake). This usually starts working by about 1am-2am (sometimes 4am) and I usually fall asleep faster and deeper then the former method of sleep preparation.

Sleeping at 2am and waking up at 9am sounds like heaven for me. The problem is that I’ve never had a single night of uninterrupted sleep. For you see, my cat Midnight has taken it upon himself to come to my room each night, randomly between the hours of 1am and 5am to scratch the door, play with stuff in my room, run around, jump on my bed, purr in my ear, massage my arms with his paws, and do all those cat things you’d expect a cat to do. If I close the door, he scratches harder, meows, and makes his presence known. If the door is open, he still comes up to play with me, because that is his reason for coming up. If I cover my head in blankets and ignore him, he moves the blankets and stands on top of me. Once he leaves an hour has passed (usually by about 4am-6am) my brain and body calm down and prep to sleep.Faithless---Insomnia-The-Best-Of-Front-Cover-7556

Then my sister wakes up to go to work. Colombia, who isn’t the quietest person in the world waking up, nor the most considerate. Doesn’t understand why I try to keep my door closed in the mornings. She wakes up, and talks to the F%^king animals when she’s getting ready in the morning. Personally I don’t give a sh%t what she does or says to them. The problem is that the bathroom is right outside my door, the upstairs hallway is really small and she doesn’t think for a moment to understand that someone might be asleep or not want to hear her talking to the dog and cat (at full volume or even yelling at them right outside my door). So by about 7am, my door is swung open because Bella was let out.

DSC01024 Bella, being the type of dog that has to glue itself to you, runs upstairs and immediately starts smelling at my door, whimpering and scratching to be let in. Since the dog sees it is morning and has been in the cage all night, she thinks it is play time and jumps on my bed, tries to hump my arm, play bite, wrestle, etc. Finally she calms down and take as a spot right between my legs (cause it is more secure/safe) and tries to fall asleep (by about 730am). Thirty minutes pass and my sister, who now thinks it is a good time, decides to enter my room to retrieve the sleeping dog, or more often then not yells to get the dogs attention and to walk her/put her in her cage before she leaves for work.  It is now 8am and I haven’t entered REM Sleep. After that you can imagine that people are calling me, texting me, visiting, knocking at the door, etc.

I am not happy and feel it may be time to sleep elsewhere or leave entirely. Not sleeping makes me want to punch someone in their face.



Twitter_button After posting this I realized just how annoying Twitter is and how frustrating the idea of a micro blog can be to society. To Illustrate my point, I rewrote my blog entry as a Tweet (or twit, twat whatever). Notice how short it is, which is great as a headline summary but sucks as a useful method of conveying complex thought. Perhaps they want us to be brain dead and unable to carry on useful conversation.

Tweet Worthy Version:

“I can’t get no sleep. Brain racing, cat scratches, dog nuzzles. Sister too noisy. Might hit someone,  relocate to nicer rest area. Upsetting”



Written by Josecito

March 30, 2011 at 10:41 am

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