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An Interesting Start for the Week

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Yesterday I set up a wonderful list of things I wanted to accomplish today, many to be completed before noon. Sadly fate chooses to step in and require that I take it easy on this brisk yet sunny Monday morning. Thus I am writing about why my wonderful plan has gone awry.

It all started this morning at the wee break of day when my sister opens my door and in walks my little pup Bella who summarily jumps on my bed, curls up and huddles close to me. According to my sister this little puppy isn’t feeling too well and has a fever and the craps, massive massive craps and might end up vomiting. In her wisdom she thought that rather then putting her back in the cage, that my bed should be the nicest spot for Bella to get sick on, defecate, or what have you. Well luck to me was that this canine companion of mine did not get sick while she was with me. Instead I opted to call her into my covers and snuggle up next to her and keep her warm and cozy. The reason: she was shivering, felt very bloated and had no energy or spring in her step.

So I fall back asleep and wake up at noon. My dog is red hot and snoring loudly, the bloating had passed and she was happy to be under the covers and smack up against me in all my flannel goodness. I ;however, felt like garbage. I noticed that my stomach was turning, I felt very ill and ran to the bathroom.  **deleted scene for the benefit of my readers** After a good 30 minutes I finished up, weighing at least 15 pounds less then before, and stumbled back to my bed, fever in tow. And there I slept for another two hours, occasionally drinking water and checking on Bella.

My mom and sister check up on Bella to see what is going on and I tell them the story and how she is improving whereas I am getting hit with it. My guess: an easily transferable virus got us both. I describe the symptoms to my family and then they proceed to tell me that my dad, who left for New York early in the morning, suffered the same thing last night. The best part: Bella was with him and fell asleep next to him yesterday downstairs! So I can now trace the path of sickness:

1. The hospital where my dad was staying obviously has a lot of sick people and one of them likely had this virus.

2. My dad, having stayed at the hospital, was picked up and brought here.

3. My dog, who stayed near my dad to keep him company when he was sick, got a strain of the virus and in turn, got sick.

4. I having a desire to care for my dog and keep her warm, snuggled up to her, and got sick.

5. My cat Midnight, who was unusually meowy today, can now be seen asleep on my bed (and warmer then normal) in the same spot Bella and I slept.


So all in all a great start to the week (sic)! I am still waiting to hear if my mom, my aunt, and my two sisters will catch anything as they were in the house. Hopefully my self incubation period will allow the virus to pass and not be spread to anyone else. Heck at least I can try to do something around the house, certainly it is a little to cold for gardening, but that doesn’t mean I can’t plan for the warmer days!


Written by Josecito

March 28, 2011 at 4:26 pm

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