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Drawing a Line

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line-in-the-sand So for the last few weeks I have been writing a first draft of a financial/wealth planning book and I have several chapters completed. The question comes to mind : at what point does one stop writing chapters of a book which could be as long and as detailed as an encyclopedia set?  That is the crux of the problem that I am faced with pondering this sunny day. Well that question and the whole : “ok I’ve written several chapters but what overlying theme am I getting at?”

rjo0851l As I review my chapters and ponder this question I need to make a quick decision: do I write one large book or condense it into a mini reader? Over 100 pages? Under 100 pages??  One thing I hate to do is write piles of drivel and then call it a book (although chances are many people who read my writing will consider it drivel anyway). Since I’ve read many financial books I know that they all tell the same thing over and over again and that my favorite books have generally been smaller volumes of less then 200 pages. Think of The Richest Man in Babylon  (my absolute favorite) whose prose consists of little more then 150 pages (and 11 chapters) yet can be seen as comprising most of the essential themes of wealth and prosperity. My goal if I am to give the world something of quality is to create something universal, timeless, easy to understand and institute.

thisjob So I ask myself is it better to write something comprising of formula and statistics, showing my theories correct; or, do I write my book like that of the book above, in simple words and phrases so that it offers the most use to the most people who peruse it? I think that answers itself wouldn’t you? I want to write theories of wealth accumulation and wealth management, not an actual textbook. I want to explain how one can become wealthy and minimize risk to their wealth and happiness by following very simple and effective rules. I want a book that won’t become meaningless over time. Instead of publishing piles of data that won’t matter in a few years, or to people outside the nation, this book should apply to all wealth builders at as many nations as possible.

And there it is, back to work…


Written by Josecito

March 22, 2011 at 9:47 pm

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