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stock-photo-found-wallet-at-the-park-sidewalk-33765703 So today I was walking my dog and she ran after a dark object. At first I thought it was food or a turd but upon closer inspection it turned out to be a wallet! I opened it up and it was full of stuff (sadly for him, cashless) and must have been dropped recently (probably while drunk) So I called one of the numbers on the card and let the company know that I found it and gave them my number to contact the person so I can arrange a drop off.

found-wallet-stuffed-with-50-bills So far I haven’t heard a word. So I did some online searching to locate a number from the person’s ID card, or at least an email address or Facebook or Myspace page, anyway of contacting them directly (to speed up the process). I found nothing that could reach them but I did find one thing: an open criminal court case that went inactive at the person’s residence about seven years ago. It turns out the person has a bench warrant outstanding for god knows what. So I sent an email to the police letting them know I found so and so’s wallet, and would like some clarification about the person as they might be looking for him/her and he/she might be living in the area, thus it might help them to get the wallet.

And that was about 48 hours ago without a call back yet. So my question to anyone who wishes to think about it is this:

It is naturally bad Karma to find a wallet with stuff inside that isn’t yours and claim it as your own, especially when it has identifying markers.

Bettajdbka If the stuff belongs to someone absconding from the law, is it still bad karma to claim it as your own if no one contacts you within such an amount of time?

If the fates know that you are broke and can use the money (not that there was any money), is it bad karma to use what you have found?

These things are interesting to ponder. On one hand I have the moral fortitude to return what isn’t mine. On the other hand, I have a wallet of someone who is running from the law and who wishes to not do the right thing and improve themselves, thus I could be an instrument of karma (in that fate is helping me while punishing him/her).

Then again, what if this person is in the same situation that I am in and needy? What if this person were trying to go straight and narrow and lost their wallet?

Or What if this is a test of my moral fiber before something greater comes along???

What would you do ?



The conclusion to this story is here.



Written by Josecito

March 21, 2011 at 1:27 pm

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  1. Ooh… a meaty question indeed.

    On one hand, you have made considerable effort to locate the owner of the wallet. If there are no other leads to finding the owner, what are you supposed to do?

    Although I suppose you could just drive it to your local police and leave it with them. If there are credit cards, the police can run a check and find the last known address. I’d say that’s your best bet.

    Don’t fuck with fate… it might fuck you back. ;-)


    March 22, 2011 at 4:46 pm

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