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Fukushima-Nuclear-Meltdown This morning I was treated to a wonderful example of why I dislike modern television news. Mind you I wasn’t watching news this morning, merely exhibiting signs that I need to detach myself from the likes of CNN, FOX, BBCA, MSNBC, etc. It is not that I dislike news broadcasting per se, merely that the sensationalist attitudes that the 24hour news system has nurtured lent itself to a massive change in personal psyche. Allow me to elaborate and see if you understand me.

three-mile-island-nuclear-reactor-accident I set my alarm for the wonderful hours of 6am and 7am. The first was the time that I wanted to wake up and do things, the second is the time that I was to call Erika and wish her a good morning (as is the custom for those of you in loving relationships… anything that can show intimacy, closeness and keep the fires burning double the success rate). So what happened? Well I gave myself some extra time last night as preparation for a normal night’s sleep. A list was made for the next day’s activities and productivities and I fell asleep really quickly and content with my plan and the steps that I took to be responsible ( which is in itself a major thing).

rbon974l The first alarm turns on and I am in my dream state, I half awaken and stare at my phone unable to understand what it is, what the symbols and sounds coming from it are supposed to be telling me. Since I was still partially dreaming my brain took over the information and processed it with what I was watching intently over the last few days: Japan’s reactor failures. Yippee and hooray for me right? Wrong, I fell asleep with the alarm still going off (but somehow in the process of squeezing the phone I managed to lower the volume .. how is really not understood). The dreams I had for the next two hours merged the alarm clock sounds with the idea of a nuclear reactor failure in the Philadelphia area and transformed my little black phone into a radiation detector. When I finally woke up at 8-830am, both alarms on the phone were running, at low volume (and with two different sound schemes) and were being portrayed in my dream as an increase in trouble (I can only surmise that my brain heard the next alarm go off, and took it to be that the supposed dream radiation increased!)

Oh well, tomorrow I shall try again to get up early but from now on, no more then written news articles will be absorbed. This TV crap is bupkis and I don’t need the aggravation of trying to separate my dream and awake states. My apologies to Erika in case she overslept and missed a class or was late. Those morning calls are usually the sweetest since it reminded us of when we lived together and slept together, for a few moments in the call when we close our eyes and talk, it really does feel like we are next to each other in bed. And that blasted new broadcasts killed it for today! Harrumph and Humbug (yes I know…not Christmas).


Written by Josecito

March 18, 2011 at 3:11 pm

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