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LG 420g and free time

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It has been a few months since I bought this replacement phone for my old Nokia 1100, which I wrote about here and have been happy with since. Since I had a little more free time today, I managed to spend it tweaking my cell phone to do things that TracFone has locked out and attempted to get people under more rigid forms of control. You see, anytime the company has issued a new phone and just like any other company that issues phones, they try to lock it down and limit its’ potential in the hopes that you will pay the company for the rights to do what your phone should do.

With that came my phone. Sure it had Bluetooth, internet, some crappy games and minimalist camera, but what more could I do? Could I possibly upload software to it and install it, like a different browser? Zelda?? Google Maps? A Star Chart??? or more?! Well the answer is YES. Thanks to the wonders of JAVA and a little known flaw in TracFone programming limitations (which I am certain of will be fixed when the next generation of phones come out for them), you can undo the Authoring and Pricing (in minutes deducted) of any programs you can find and install them into your phone (minding available space, the programming language, and on actual value gained).

So I went online after figuring out how to do some quick edits of Java and downloaded a few programs I thought would be neat to try, edited them, and uploaded them to my phone via the bluetooth connection. The following is a short list of successes:

Ebook Creator (via merging files from Project Gutenberg) : TequilaCat, tested “The Portrait of Dorian Grey” and “The Art of War”

Google Maps ( directions only, street view causes a memory full issue,  sadly they are not finished the ‘my location’ scripts, a gps substitute)

Sideralis  a star chart creator that uses your date, time, and location to map out where the stars should be. Excellent for night navigation at sea.

Opera Mini : another browser to use with less limits then the TracFone installed browser

Mobile MSN : mini app added and integrated into a bookmark.

Legend of Zelda : yes, the original, in BETA form, on my phone

And one site that I kept testing, which has a lot of neat time wasters: Mobile Rated

Sadly I haven’t seen a mail client that will sync my mail in both directions, nor would I want one as this phone is tiny and I get a lot of attachments which would crash it.


For those of you with this phone or any other phone, I recommend spending some time looking into tweaking it, your experiences may differ but at least you’d get the opportunity to see if you can enhance your capabilities. Had TracFone offered or would allow me to buy a BlackBerry and convert it, I would have done it in a heartbeat. The problem is that TracFone does not like the idea of any phone being added to its’ list without being locked down tight. Could I just hack the BB and be done with it? Probably, but that is an expensive hobby best left for another day.


Written by Josecito

March 14, 2011 at 8:49 pm

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  1. I miss the old Legend of Zelda…


    March 14, 2011 at 9:33 pm

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