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Tomorrow, tomorrow

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11112462 As I listen to the raindrops delay my planned gardening schedule, I am reminded of our innate desire to procrastinate and postpone our lives in favor of seemingly endless other things. Take this blog for instance, I have been telling myself that I am going to write it today and I have. How many times did I postpone writing Thursday’s blog? About a dozen. Every time the blog came into my head, I immediately thought of something else to do, or something else that I could be doing instead of writing. A Star Trek : TNG episode was on that I last saw when I was a teenager, dinner, a conversation with the woman I love, the dog, bathroom, anything really. Of all the things that delayed my writing today I can state that maybe 3 were of more importance: a scheduled trip that paid, doing nature’s call, and the dog time. The remainder had many important things that needed to be done, but really could have been postponed for a half hour or eliminated entirely (I’m looking at you Captain Picard and Worf).

Old-Man-Procrastination-procrastination-273865_375_400 So here I am writing this blog, amused at the facility that our minds and bodies have at keeping us from completing our tasks. I wonder if it is genetic, if somewhere down the line, a human being managed to survive one day by not doing his/her fair share in the tribe and the tribe still put up with him/her. Over time, that person had more kids and kids’ kids, until you see the effects of procrastination in all of us. It certainly would explain why many of us are so lazy. It would explain why we wait until the last possible minute to fix our shit. Above all though, it does not preclude us from getting that shit done, It merely gives us a propensity to slack. If you are like me and prone to becoming a couch potato, avoid the cyclops and get cracking on your dreams. Nothing is sadder then looking back on one’s life and seeing not just missed opportunities, but of delayed success and of wasted potential.

couch potato cat Remember, just because it is raining doesn’t mean you have to get wet to get something done! Most of modern human life takes place inside the home, or office, or other building with nary an hour a day outside (outside of everything including your carapace of a car). Think of something you need to get done that you’ve been putting off for too long. Turn off your tv, phone, internet (if it isn’t internet related) and get started on that task. Finish it and look at what you’ve accomplished by nipping procrastination and the ‘tomorrow, tomorrow’ out of your system. Then repeat it, and repeat and repeat. Continue doing it until you’ve developed a new and useful habit of getting your shit done. Pretty soon you’ll forget about the delays and slacking and only see the completed, the finished, and the successes. Interestingly enough, just writing for the last ten minutes has enabled me to write this blog post, something that I wasted hours of time delaying. Imagine what I could have accomplished with that effort instead of goofing off?



What are you waiting for? How much can your life change with 10 minutes of effort?


Written by Josecito

March 10, 2011 at 7:04 pm

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  1. Wow. I’m having a “great minds think alike” moment here. I was driving home today thinking of all the little things I’ve been putting off doing in favor of TV and Facebook… and then I decided to blog about it. I got on the computer to write and decided to check your blog first. Lo and behold, you just wrote about the same thing. Crazy :)


    March 10, 2011 at 9:11 pm

  2. It is true that great minds think alike. It is also true that people who spend way too much time together end up being the same person (warning warning) lol. Let us hope that I do not suddenly feel the urge to join the public education field, at least for society’s sake.

    I was in amazement at just how much time I waste on any given day from such mundane activities that are not essential to life nor truly enriching. Television and Facebook are two huge time wasters for me. I should be using both of them as enhancements to my social life instead of what they became: poor substitutes for a life.


    March 11, 2011 at 1:29 am

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