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Ash Wednesday

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ash-wednesday For those of you who read my blog and are of or are aware of the Christian faith and calendar, it will not come as much of a surprise when I mention that today is Ash Wednesday and the official beginning of the Lenten (or shall I joke and say Lentil) Season. It is a time to put some burn ashes on your head as a sign of your mortality and that you will one day return to the big cheese in the sky and account for your sins and actions. So in reality what happens is the weekend before and the days before are times of celebration and partying and general debauchery before the start of the ‘fast’ for 40 days, or in the Catholic method, 46 days long, because Sunday’s paradoxically don’t count. So for the 40 days you are to fast in some way or another and prepare yourself spiritually for Christ and Easter.

ash20wednesday Naturally this means that everyone quickly looks for something to give up that they enjoy and, much like the New Year’s Resolutions, are likely forgotten by the majority of the faithful. This year will be no exception as we are all human and religion tends to take a smaller and smaller portion of our lives with each passing year. Common fasting themes include: sex, sweets, favorite food or activity, internet or social networking, alcohol, smoking, shopping, etc. The premise is that since the head honcho’s son gave up his life for you, maybe you should give up a little in exchange/remembrance/indulgence/etc. So naturally many people including myself make the ‘second’ resolutions on going to church more, being a better person, and sacrificing for the betterment of our souls.

army-of-darkness-bruce This year I decided that I should pay more attention to this event then in years past. Call it nostalgia, call it self improvement, call it whatever you like, I just say it is about discipline. This year I really wanted to do the whole ‘only water and maybe a vitamin for 40 days’. However the withdrawal of caffeine and sugar from my system in less then 12 hours made me very sick and dizzy that I needed to call it off in favor of something less severe. So I am now adopting a Ramadan style of fasting, whereby one only eats between sunset and sunrise, and only a small meal at that. This would give me the daily hunger pains and reduce calories while curtailing the more severe symptoms of a full fast. Naturally I would be trying to get to bed earlier in the hopes of not eating throughout the night (and thus negating the reasoning behind the rules).  Perhaps next year or later on in this year I will have more discipline and strength (with less sugar and caffeine in the blood) so that I can pull off the 40 day fast.

To those of you still preparing and giving things up I say kudos and good luck.

And for those of you who don’t understand why I have a picture from Army of Darkness on this blog, may I recommend that you watch the movie?


Written by Josecito

March 9, 2011 at 9:46 pm

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