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Day 4 – People who espouse to promote a cause but only do so in name or a small donation

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plasticbottles There are some horrible freaking people out there who do nothing but talk about their generosity to this or that cause but do nothing other then that to help the cause they allegedly support. The most blatant people I know who do this are the environmentalist and green activists. The grand majority of them will drive around the suburbs in an SUV alone, use more plastic and imported goods and services then the average consumer, promote the idea of more parking and highways, complain about the price of gas, balk at the idea of walking or taking public transit or a bicycle, and promote the idea of a quick fix for problems usually of a technical nature.

When these people are offered viable solutions to real world problems they come up with excuses for their inability to take the advice: “oh I’d walk more if I lived closer to work” – but never wish to move close to work or change jobs closer. “Oh, I’d love to drive an electric car or even a hybrid!” – not realizing that more energy is used to create a car then is burned in the engine and that electric cars and hybrids use more energy and generate more pollution then an older car without amenities!

wda0786l The problem I have with these people is that they are not deserving of respect or of any credit to the movement or cause they want you to believe they support. Sure they will pay lip service and donate some money to the Nature Conservatory, but they are not environmentalists, nor even environmentally conscious! They simply want people to look up to them and think that their own shit doesn’t smell. True believers in causes do not do the easy things, they do the hard ones. If these people wanted to support the idea of a greener earth, they’d take the risk and move into the cities and walk. They’d bring re-useable bags to the stores and only try to buy minimally packaged groceries. They’d not own a car, they’d plant trees on the weekend or clean their neighborhood streets of filth. They’d promote local production of goods and support local business because it uses less energy in shipment.

corn What people who espouse to promote causes but only donate actually believe, whether they care to acknowledge it or not, is the idea that everyone else needs to change and do things EXCEPT themselves! They will say and think this : “ Public transit is great, for you. Living in the city is a wonderful idea, that you can do. Walking and using cloth shopping bags is a splendid idea, that you should take! For me, I’ve donated $10, and are now exempt from any further action. I’ve paid my bribe to be left alone. There are too many people in this world, but I shouldn’t be told to not reproduce” They are hypocrites, self absorbs fuckwits and only do these little things to blow smoke in their own asses (to quote Kunstler) as a means to self gratification.

If you believe them in their cause, if you believe that they will do more then the occasional donation or occasional cleanup date (only if they can be seen and get a publicity thank you), then you are more deluded then I.


They are frauds and only serve to exacerbate the environmental problems they espouse to want to solve. Buying a $5 Starbucks coffee that donates money to save the rainforest fails on many levels when you drink it from a disposable cup while driving to work and wipe your mouth off with that napkin. I am sure that you’ve killed a few trees somewhere to save a leaf while spewing your petroleum effluence all over the planet and leaving behind more trash than that African tribal leader who you hate for killing that cow he raised for food.


Written by Josecito

March 3, 2011 at 10:27 pm

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