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Day 3 – Insincere People

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I know that a few of the rants that I will write about will cross over into other sections but this one just to put it as Peter Griffin from Family Guy would say: “grinds my gears”. Insincere people are horrible. They respond to your jokes with a polite laugh instead of just saying they don’t get it or they don’t think it was funny. They pretend to have sympathy by saying : “I’m so sorry” without meaning it. If you feel sad or depressed they just give you that pathetic creature look and in not so many ways, a pat on the head saying : “poor baby" or “there there”. Insincere people are this way because they don’t care about you or who you are. They build lots of relationships and friendships, but none that are genuine or above the superficial level. They tend to be shallow, meaningless and offer no real constructive advice on anything that might be needed by a someone who calls them a friend. They have no respect for a person’s values or priorities.

These are the people that when you are depressed and have many flaws that you want to improve upon, will tell you that you are great the way you are, knowing that you need improvement. They will stand and watch you fail in life without offering you a leg up or valued input. They are hollow on the inside and I am not sure exactly why they developed this way but they did and are all around you pretending to be that someone you can depend on. If you mention that you don’t trust them or think them sincere they will put up a whole production in your honor about how they are indeed your friend and are dependable when you need them. When your moment of need arises, that production turns out to be a tragedy of lies and misleading statements.

Insincerity arises and is noticeable by the poor effort they put into caring about your situation. Unlike the out and out liar, an insincere person doesn’t have the energy to appear genuinely concerned. They come off as snippy, cold, distant, and self absorbed in their own little worlds. Usually you will find that one when you discuss your personal problem in the hopes of having some advice given and they will wait till you are done talking, then open with one of their own issues. This occurs because they view their own lives as important and yours as trivial. They will rarely tell you to your face, if they do, that is when they have written you off and will rarely see them again as they made the choice that your needs are outweighed by their self importance.

When you are with an insincere person, you will feel like an actor trying to entertain them, for their own amusement. You will try to get a reaction out of them that is above the dull murmur of their voice and facial expressions. Usually these moments of entertainment will occur because the insincere person is bored and wants company and to be entertained. That is when you will be invited, out of the blue, to do something. They feel the need to use you for a night because they have finished using everyone else on their list and you’re the next one. After that, they cycle back to the beginning and start over. They will complain about their situation, and if given good advice, will rarely take it to improve themselves or the issue. The real reason why they brought you out was to vent, to complain and then to not look for a solution or listen to one. You are a tool for an insincere person. Something akin to a court jester. They have no respect for you, or your plight, or your future unless they stand to benefit from it. Since they keep their risks low and do not get involved in anything too close, if the friendship blows up, they lose little sleep over it. Most importantly, an insincere person will not accept the truth of their situation or bad news. They tend to be the fair weather people you meet. They would rather not stick around for the ugly moments in life because they have no stomach nor integrity to stand by their words and promises.

As much as I’d hate to seem like I am biased I must discuss my belief that a great deal of homosexual persons I meet are insincere. The ones I live near do not want to get involved or rock the boat of friendships, even if a confrontation would benefit a friend who needs it. They smile to your face and lie behind your back or gossip and spread rumors. They suffer from adolescent development issues that grow into a full fledged mental illness of self love over selfless love. Thus you will find that your (in my experience) friendships with gays and lesbians are flaky. They don’t stand pat on anything except their gayness. They will not commit to anything for fear of being shown a fake. They give platitudes and compliments to people in exchange for other things or benefits but never out of a genuine desire to improve another. Most homosexuals I’ve met do not stick around when bad things happen and have an obsession with youth, immaturity, irresponsible behavior and an inability to see their own faults, only others. They would rather recruit another person to be gay rather then admit the possibility of not being gay, usually the recruitment is immediately when they desire something sexual or have another partner who has interest in something sexual.  The culture of homosexuality is based on self satisfaction and freedom from tough decisions and paying for one’s mistakes which in my view…is an insincere way to live or promote.


Written by Josecito

March 2, 2011 at 10:34 pm

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