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Ok so it wasn’t that bad, all we received was about three inches of snow. Seriously last night at midnight I was with Bella looking outside and started to see the flakes falling. I almost freaked out at the insanity. It’s almost March! Can someone, preferably one of those religious nuts who claims to communicate with God, please send him a damned memo letting him know that spring is coming and make with the warmer, nicer weather for once?! Why is it that in Philly we have 2 seasons and not 4 like I recall learning in my grade school years? It seems like we only have winter, and summer. As if to magnify and clarify the dichotomy of this city’s inhabitants: Frigid Bastards/Bitches or Fuming Mad Morons.

Somewhere I am certain the town passed a law forbidding Spring and Fall weather. Remember those? Those were the 3 months between winter and summer and another 3 months between summer and winter. Those were the days when a spring jacket or a football style Letterman’s jacket could be worn without feeling too hot or cold. Those were the times when people had picnics and enjoyed the weather.

Sorry about that, I had to rant. Really, I am tired of winter. It’s a nice season to visit, just nothing worth living in. God I miss the tropics.


Written by Josecito

February 22, 2011 at 8:58 pm

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