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President’s Day

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george-washington-picture 16_lincoln_1 So today marks the annual celebration of the Presidents of the United States here…erm… in the United States of America. So what do we do to celebrate? We close government institutions, banks, schools, and a random number of other places and try to celebrate, by shopping for discounted crap in our stores. Why do we do this? Because we really don’t have anything left that is considered a true holiday, merely more excuses to buy stuff we don’t need with money we don’t have from a job we’re about to lose.

This holiday was originally meant to be a celebration of George Washington’s birthday. However as we realized (and quite stupidly) that we have more then one President and that many of them were rather useful when they were in office, we split the holiday into two separate dates: one for every Commander-in-Chief and the other for Mister Woodenteeth! Sure you might find every now and again a calendar with Lincoln’s Birthday (but really President’s Day is inclusive) on it, but really who cares enough to celebrate it. This is the USA and here, we have lots of days worth celebrating and we do the dumbest thing imaginable: we merge them into one holiday instead of having three or four! Yep, fat lot of good we did for ourselves by combining days.

So what did the great (ha!) city of Philadelphia do on this holiday? Nothing spectacular.

What did I do? Again, nothing spectacular as most of the places I needed to visit were closed!

What did you do? Again, probably shopped, cleaned, watched TV, or sat around bored because of the asininity of it all!

Happy Holiday to you! For those of you outside the nation or haven’t seen an example of what I mean by the commercialism of all that was once patriotic or remotely meaningful, check out the video below. This is what our nation has become, a sad spectacle of shopping addiction. What angers me most of all is the unspoken message of it, that it is ok to run your enemies over, even if they have weapons that might not hurt you (when you’re in the carapace). Come to think of it, most of our modern cars are aluminum and fiberglass, so a few musket shots and those infernal machines would have been destroyed!

Tally Ho’


Written by Josecito

February 21, 2011 at 8:27 pm

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