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Well today is Friday and as everyone who is apparently anyone would say: "TGIF". Why on earth people would be happy to stop working is beyond my understanding. The logic would seem to indicate that you TGIF because you want to stop working at a job or employer, which would be a sad barometer of your true hatred of where you work or what you chose as a career. Perhaps a better statement to make is this : "If you must TGIF, then you dislike your job enough to prefer leisure and job avoidance, thus you are in the wrong occupation or employer or are not doing what you truly want to do." Either way I wouldn’t know nor care to know why one would do this if they had the means of addressing their present situation correctly. Enough about this rant, let us post a blog about something that I actually did for a change instead of my usual postings!

Simple-Flat-Roof-Leak Today I woke up and went to my aunt’s home to do a roof repair. "What on earth does he know about roof repair?" A good deal since I had prior experience working in construction and maintenance of real estate holdings (and wanting to start my own real estate empire encouraged me to learn as much on the job info as possible). So I head over to her house and get out on the roof to do a preliminary inspection of the problems. According to her home warranty company she had five holes that needed to be repaired/filled (on a flat roof) and the flashing on the edging came open, leading to rainwater/snowmelt entering her walls and pooling in her kitchen. I step out onto the roof and proceed to check the roofing material but can not find much of what the warranty company states she needs as far as flat top repairs. There were a few minor wear and tear pieces that could have been repaired, but none of it would have been responsible for the her main issue: the roof leak due to the open flashing.

chimney2 I move over to the edge of the roof, while laying on my stomach so as not to fall off and lean out over the side of the building to check the flashing. Yes the man was correct that this flashing did need to be repaired. The problem was that I could not do the repairs from the angle that I was at, and I did not have a 15 foot ladder that could get me up to the repair from below (nor the truck needed to transport it). So I make a note of it and proceed to check the remainder of her roof for other problems that I might be able to repair. A few of the yes, but not enough to justify charging my aunt for the job. So I head back in, tell her the bad news of my inability to take the job, and that she will need to hire a roofer who will have to end up charging her much more money then I, but at least she can get a warranty and sleep better knowing that it is finished. In the end it is my opinion that she needs on fairly large section cut out of the roof (it is warping but still sealed and will cause issues if left unrepaired). All in all a $250 repair job lost and another reminder of why I can’t earn a good living here contracting: no truck not enough tools. Oh well, I am certain that another project will come up that I can help her with (she is my aunt and I always want to look out for her since she looks out for me and is family).

So I  leave her place and continue with my backup plan. Yes I made a backup plan and I recommend that you do as well. Nothing quite spells lame like having one plan blowup and then having to scurry around looking for something else to do. I head out for the Quaker Friends’ House with my mom in order to help her photograph tombstones for a friend of hers who lives in Seattle, WA. Apparently this woman’s family history includes notable family names like Mather and Hallowell and even Cottman. So we get to this place, start tying to decode burial markers from the 17th and 18th centuries while standing on slippery ice and mud, being real careful to not knock down them nor fall to our muddy doom.

IMG_1468 We spend a few hours there, and took a total of 135 photos, and of those, maybe 110 were unique grave markers (some had to be photographed twice, once on the tops and once on the front). We head home, and spend the next three hours trying to manipulate the pictures to enhance the image enough to get the letters to show up on the stones. Many were achieved with enough detail to get part of the first name and last name (enough to know that a person like Thomas Hallowell would appear as homas Hallowel). Thankfully this cemetery places the family markers in the same areas so that you know these people are more then likely related or intermarried. Afterward, I load them up to my mother’s Skydrive account on hotmail and we call her friend to tell her the surprise. She was happy and shocked that we managed to get so many markers recorded. We let her know how to access it, and that if there are others or some we missed, to let us know as we might be able to request mapping help from the caretaker (we suspect that many stones are broken, unreadable, and are no longer there, thus some names may never show up without the caretaker’s records..which may require a donation).

All in all a fruitful day. The remainder of my time was spent wasted watching the boob tube, the internet, and thinking of ways I might be able to earn some money since I still have trouble finding gainful employment, be it self employed or via a company.

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the holiday if you can (President’s Day being Monday!)


Written by Josecito

February 19, 2011 at 12:41 am

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  1. I guess I have a different concept of “TGIF.” I enjoy my job and I’m very happy there, but I look forward to having some leisure time on the weekends to do things that I don’t have time for during the week. Sometimes it’s the necessary chores (cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry), but the weekends are also time to visit friends, go to the mall, spend time with my family, have/go to parties, travel, bake/cook, craft, go to church, etc. Plus, it’s nice to sleep in a little later than usual and take my time eating breakfast and savoring my coffee. Usually by the time the weekend is over, I’m ready to get back to my normal work routine.


    February 21, 2011 at 9:56 pm

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