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Union of Bloodsuckers

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protester So given that today is Thursday and most people are getting tired of the work week, I have decided to write about workplaces. To be more specific, I am going to write about government workers, unions and why the current bitch fest that is happening right now and in Wisconsin (and to a greater extent the entire nation) will only end in disaster for the electorate and our nation as a whole.
What is happening in Wisconsin and the nation as a whole is that government workers, who up until today have been largely insulated from the perils of a contracting and collapsing economy, have become the focal point of every level of government that is running into fiscal trouble. Basically many governments over the last twenty years have promised progressively more and more benefits to their workers, and their unions, at the expense of the public tax base. What this really means is that government employees are nothing more then another form of welfare, albeit one that actually provides some benefit for its’ costs. The problem that has arisen is that now governments are broke and the employees and the promises that the governments made to them, need to be cut and eliminated. The problem is that the people who are employed in these sectors, do not want to be fired or admit that they are a financial drain on the publics already dwindling tax revenue, and are now protesting that these perceived benefits (such as the ability to collectively bargain) are inalienable rights that can not be deprived.

obamabudget My hatred of this argument and of the newspapers and TV news shows is that they are attempting to take a pro-employee stance on this subject. No one seems to notice that the original intent of a union is to grant the ability of employees the right to collectively bargain with a BUSINESS, not the government, over the % of profits that should be delivered to the employees in the form of income, safety, and other benefits. The government has never been a business and can not be viewed as such. Any employee working for the government or a government entity needs to understand that they are working a job that is a privilege and not a right that is at the expense of their neighbors and friends around them. If you were to own a business and your friends were the clients that started having financial difficulty and could no longer pay you as much as you wanted to charge, you would be more then willing to renegotiate with them, or work out a way for them to get some service at a reduced price. If you were not this flexible, in the free market, you would soon be out of business as they (your former clients) started seeking other methods and other people to do business with. Why would we expect anything different from the government and its’ employees?

Truly, there are only two ways for this problem to work out:

The first is with the government giving up and disbanding the unions and the employees all get fired en masse under some form of fiscal restructuring. This is seen currently under the education system with the move to charter schools. In many other nations, private security has taken the place of local police for people who wish to hire them and at a much cheaper rate then what a bloated government budget could offer. Under this policy, the government employees are divested of their jobs, their benefits and promises and a new order is created to fill the void, at a reduced cost commensurate with the local wealth and standard of living.

Size_of_government The second path is what the government and its’ employees appear to be taking right now and that is the path of resistance. Eager to keep their benefits and out of pure greed the unions and employees are protesting the governments attempts at much needed fiscal reforms. The government, who wishes to not be seen as uncaring and out of fear of losing their elected positions has chosen to not vote on the issue (either permanently, or until they can pass it quickly). The end result will be a broke government that will have to cut other services and/or completely collapse into anarchy and be devoid of any legitimacy.
What I can not understand is why there aren’t more voting citizens fighting these people over this? This is their tax dollars, the future of their state, the future well being of their children and towns are depending on this issue and no one is telling these teachers, cops, firefighters, etc. to shut the hell up and be downsized like the rest of the nation.

The entire nation is broke, people in the private sector are losing jobs, benefits, and the ability to command these wages. Why should the union of government employees be immune to the depression? To permit them this special status will only increase the tax burden on every citizen, as there are less people employed and less tax money entering to pay for all of it.

Anyone benefiting from government largesse, be it an employee, a welfare case, or a college kid should never be allowed to think of this as some form of right or entitlement. No one is entitled to anything and no one should ever expect that the government can continue operating as it has done simply because they told you some sweet lies about the future of your job.


Written by Josecito

February 18, 2011 at 12:30 am

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