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Software Review: Freemind

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With Valentine’s Day gone, my mind begins to focus on the projects that I am involved with and the tools I use to complete them. One of those tools is a great little project that I use when brainstorming and planning called : Freemind. It is what can best be described as a mind mapping tool. You use it to create a graphical map of ideas and how they are connected and organized. The hope is that this visual representation, you can better understand what you need to or want to do, and then do it using this framework. Since humans are anywhere from 80-90% visually based creatures, Freemind becomes a godsend when trying to process non visual concepts and multilevel ideas.

For instance, creating a book will require things like chapters, a forward, table of contents, indexes, recommendations and the like. Each of these units would have subunits, like chapter titles, chapter contents and subject matter, visuals, pictures or graphs that you want to include, etc. By using a program like Freemind you can quickly organize a framework for your thoughts and can make better decisions on what parts of the project need more work or to be worked on first. Take a look below on what I am referring to, I have pulled a few examples of mind maps created with the software:


So give it a try, map yourself some concepts and projects. After that, you can make your own choice if Freemind is right for you!


Written by Josecito

February 15, 2011 at 9:16 pm

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