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A Poem for Valentine’s Day

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Ok so this year I am really trying to foster my creativity. This is the holiday of love and affection and desire. I have chosen to write a poem for the amusement of a certain lady who has my heartstrings tied up even to this very day. Opinions or critiques of my love life are not requested, nor encouraged. Opinions given as to why I chose said lady are not desired, and will be removed. This is a day for happiness and celebration; so go out and celebrate, be happy, and fall in love.


26-09-07_1515 Dedicated to Erika,

My beautiful brown eyed girl…


Beautiful brown eyed girl,

from the first moment I saw your smiling face,

my heart and mind were set awhirl,

and I shall never forget that time nor place.


Together far away from the big city,

drinking coffee and acting giddy,

your looks to me will always be pretty,

and the conversations were had, quite witty.


pics2 077 Beautiful brown eyed girl,

with locks of curly long flowing hair,

my love for you is as perfect as a flawless pearl,

and my heart is caught in love’s sweet snare.


Though long ago and a memory it may be,

I remember it well, because you are important to me,

many a times we tried to break; to be free,

and always my soul wants you to be, with me.


forgetmeknot Beautiful brown eyed girl,

whose smile hath smitten my icy cold heart,

as you stand beside me I am made an Earl,

and no painter could portray the love that is, our art.


And although I may be a poor young knight,

my kingdom be a box with one little string,

I know in my heart that the love I feel is right,

if all I have is string, would you take it, as a ring?


Written by Josecito

February 14, 2011 at 4:07 pm

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