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I have had that nagging feeling that since I missed a week’s worth (January 31 – February 4) of postings that I would be amiss in my goal of posting something at least every weekday. In order to rectify this problem I had to think of what I want to post for the five days that I was dealing with that more pressing issue. Do I go back and post five quickly written articles? Do I just let it slide? Do I write about what happened? Do I write at all???

I decided that since writing on those days may be a bit disingenuous, I decided to share with you some drawings. Nothing special, nothing famous. It has been a long time since I sketched, doodled, drew, or art’ed (I am going to guess that I just coined that) anything. So I took five sheets of note paper, set down a time limit, 1 minute to draw a picture that comes to mind, when that minute is up, I move to the next picture and so on until I have five sheets completed.

I have posted one mini sheet for each day of the week and they can be viewed. Each posting has the title of what I doodled, nothing more. I will tell you one thing: It felt awesome to draw again, without worry of lines, or work, or criticism. No paints, no crayons, just raw release of creative ability. That book I just read was correct: we are designed to create.


Enjoy your weekend. Enjoy the drawings. Enjoy your life!


Written by Josecito

February 11, 2011 at 11:42 am

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