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Book Review: Focus by Leo Babauta

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So last night I finished this book and wanted to give a brief recommendation and some information about it.

The book is written by Leo Babauta, he is the creator of another great blogging website on minimalism called Zen Habits.

His main goal in writing said book is to show you the path toward concentration and productivity via eliminating distractions, clutter, and too many commitments. Focus tells the reader in no short manner (well ok it is only 121 pages for the free version) to reexamine your life, eliminate your ‘have to do list’, toss out the erroneous concept of multitasking and get to work doing the one thing that humanity was designed to do: create.

In order to create, Leo says your time must be uninterrupted, your pattern of thought must be coherent, and above all else you must be able to use that time and focus your energy on the task at hand. He goes through a few recommended steps that you should take if you wish to purge the clutter from your life and mind. Examples include:

Shutting down the phone, the email program, and any methods that other people could interrupt you while you are doing this creative act.

Eliminating clutter from your desk so that you do not lose concentration.

Doing your most important creative work first, and then getting through the busy work.

Learning that the word ‘no’ is essential in life and that you can tell people that you already have too many projects to complete.

The version of the book that I acquired was the free version. Since I am dead broke most of the time I try to lift up my station in any manner that I can find. However do not let the idea of a free book become a ‘poorly made book’. Far from poorly executed, Leo’s Focus tells the reader in zen-like simplicity and plainness of page layout exactly what is needed. It is a no frills, straight on approach to creating your new stress free creative world. He also has a pay for premium version of the book that includes a lot more goodies and recommendations for the low price of $34.95. Since I again, have no money I can not give an opinion about the quality of the premium version over the free one. I will tell you though, that his writing is fantastic and that I would expect that his premium version is just as great as the free one.

My only complaint, and I have it with many books, is that readers may find the theme a bit repetitive. Leo’s reason for doing this is that clutter and the inability to focus come about because we allow disorder to enter our lives and steal our concentration away from doing what we love doing.

Give it a read if you have the time and want to learn more about how to break down your overburdened life and transform it into a model of productivity and simplicity.

His book is here.


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February 10, 2011 at 11:16 am

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