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Software Review : VLC Media Player

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images Tired of Microsoft taking up too much of your computer’s hard disk space and resources? Are you annoyed at the idea that Windows Media Player constantly needing to look up a codec to play a simple song? Fed up with the worry that your computer will one day up and start deleting your large collection of downloaded music because of some error regarding DRM (digital rights management) issues?

Then look no further because I have the best replacement for you!

VLC Media Player does what Windows Media Player does, and it is much faster! It is an open source program written for people who wanted the ability to play many different file types without the bloat of the standard windows program. It can play mp3’s, mp4’s, DivX, ogg, and it even has support for zipped files and HD codecs! The design of the player is a no frills environment that hides the true versatility of its’ design. Heck it will even play a DVD for you if you want it to! On top of that if you wanted it to run streaming media or function as a data server for multicasting in IPv4 or IPv6, then VLC is one program you do not want to be without. It beats Realplayer, Quicktime and Windows Media Player when evaluated for a size/speed of program versus available formats. It functions beautifully on older MSFT platforms and costs nothing to use (although I do recommend a small donation to the open source community if you choose to keep it).

The download file is only 20Mb! Yes, 20Mb to download VLC media player. Compare that to Windows Media Player (9)  at 100MB (300MB if you use system restore) and you will understand why I find it to be a much better design at 1/10th the footprint!


Give it a try, I am certain that it will quickly become your new default media player. It is available for download here.


Written by Josecito

February 8, 2011 at 7:23 pm

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