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scales-of-justice Ok so this post is going to be very, very short. Last week I had a brief hiatus as I went through the motions to settle a long standing issue in the legal system. The result was that it ended in a mistrial (essentially a stalemate) and may have to be redone. In a few weeks I will most likely know if this will have to be redone or if I am finally allowed to continue with my life and plans. Three years is enough for anyone to be totally disappointed in the justice system and anyone who has to go through what I went through will understand in the end why I have little faith in America and in the American system or its lifestyle.

There just is no future in it, there is no real logic to it, and there is a huge incentive for people who value self preservation and intelligent thought, to leave.

Case in point I give you Pennsylvania, where (after being shocked by it) if you are accused of a crime and a bunch of people say you did it, they can kill you or send you to jail. No evidence, no means testing, no logic. Why does this remind me of the 1600’s Salem area legal system. “She’s a witch, we all say she is, and we never lie, thus it must be true! Hang her!!”

Mana_birthday Second, if you do go through the court system, you will most likely not be asked any questions for years, until the actual trial. Sounds peachy doesn’t it? Imagine if you are poor, have no money and someone accused you of a crime. You will be brought in, fingerprinted, DNA swiped, not told why you were arrested (or in my case, that this was an arrest, only that they wanted to ask me a few questions..which never happened), most likely put on bail and then jailed for not making your bail, then you will rot, for a long, long time while the overburdened courts finish their backlog (which could take 6 months – years). Then you will go up to a judge, not knowing what is going on, and be told your apparent crimes. Meanwhile if you were living alone and had a pet, it would likely have died, you would have been evicted, lost your job, your credit score, your college classes, your savings, and everything else you can think of. If you elect a jury trial you can be sure that 12-14 people will sit there and no believe you or partially believe you while the state trumps up charges against you in an effort to gain a conviction. If the jury believes you, they will only believe you enough to have you retried and not to actually follow the judges instructions regarding innocence until proven guilty.

HomelessVetWorthlessBum Finally in the end, if you are set free (via not guilty verdict or more likely just to regain your life) sign a plea bargain, you can begin your life again as a not convicted felon. Because most likely it will take years to rebuild your life, delete your false arrest records, and convince everyone that you were innocent of the crap that landed you in jail this entire time (yes, you can go to jail and spend LOTS of time there and be completely innocent). Then you will have to explain to every future employer that yes, you were arrested, and no, you weren’t convicted, and that you did nothing wrong because your background checks will almost always show up with your false arrest.


Land of the free this is not. You have helped me make up my mind. Your nation deserves the hatred that it has among the other nations on earth. Just remember that before you decide to vote for three strike rules, or mandatory minimums, or easier methods of getting convictions. More then likely you or someone you know will be the victim of the state.

Never forget: It is better to let 10 guilty be free then to jail one innocent person.


Written by Josecito

February 7, 2011 at 2:24 pm

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