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A really easy jobs bill to enact

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Ok I have just finished watching the State of the Union debacle of our President Obama and once again I am disappointed in him. I did not know that he could manage to disappoint me even more but he did it. The speech was nothing more then another over abundant waste of time in lip service to ideas and leadership without actually having any good ideas or good leadership. There are only so many ways that he can boast about the United States needing to be the leaders of the 21st century before people begin to ask why the leader of the US of A isn’t actually leading them to that leadership role of the future!

So I will paraphrase his speech last night for those of you who missed it:

Fellow citizens, we suck when we compare ourselves to our competitors around the globe. We have many things wrong here that need to be fixed but I won’t actually tell you nor put my foot forward and actually lead you because my reelection is coming up and I might actually distance potential voters. The things that I wanted to do for the nation were obviously not wanted by the nation because everything over the last two years that I did do, was undone and with a passion by the people you voted into office. I will not propose the ideas that I had while I was running for office, even though I know that those ideas (like getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan and closing Guantanamo ) are extremely popular and would actually benefit the national reputation and esteem. I have a bunch of other ideas that you will not like and I will not tell you about them because obviously you will hate yourselves even more for voting me into office. I am a paid shill of Corporate America, but not in a good way that could actually fix things here. Please do not look at my appointments to key Oval office positions because you will see the name brands of the companies that paid for my election and are now getting the spoils of the victory. Suffice it to say, that anything I actually say or do from here until at least my next election will be about maintaining my popularity in the voting booth and not about actually getting anything done that would have meaningful impact for the electorate. So I will say a few more badly acted ‘heartfelt words’ look like I am stoned, and get on with the business of ripping you, the public, off.


That was it. That was what I got from the speech. I saw nothing moving nor plans that would work, nor plans that if enacted, would do any real good for our nation.

So here, as a citizen, I offer you a proposal. A huge tax cut to businesses, if and only if, they hire US citizens in the USA at normal job salaries. This would get our people off of unemployment, it would give the tax cut to businesses and it would keep money circulating in the economy.

So here it is:

For every job that is given to a US citizen in the United States, the company that hires them will get a tax deduction equal to the amount (or double if in economically depressed areas) if that employees salary, if and only if, the salary is above the median salary of the job.


So let us get down to brass tacks. There are over 23 million people in the United States that need jobs and are not being hired. Corporations want a tax break and we need work or the economy will collapse. Let us assume that the average job created by this tax break is $30,000 (regardless of what they do). This tax break would be worth $690,000,000,000! Basically it would be the amount that we gave away to Companies for the TARP program without solving our unemployment problem. So we would get full employment and the voters could actually save money and fix their debts, companies would get a nice tax break that would last for years if they keep us hired. This would give a huge incentive for other companies to relocate here and hire more people.


How about it? Lets get some jobs back in the US of A!


Written by Josecito

January 25, 2011 at 12:55 am

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