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Philadelphia Politics and a Stupid Voting Populace

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IMG_2715 300_1010486 Today I was reminded by the Ten O’Clock News of just how stupid the American voting populace is in my city. I will keep this brief and to the point as I know many of you who read this are from Philadelphia and my thoughts might pass right over those precious ‘special needs’ noggins of yours! Hah! Who am I kidding, no one who lives in Philly and thinks like these people would ever read my blog or even know how to read! So here goes…

On the news tonight, they did a short segment on just how much money this city is losing from a program called DROP. Basically this program was designed to save the city money by allowing workers and government employees the ability to retire and get a lump sum of money. The idea was really, to cut the amount needed to pay pensions and to get the highest paid employees to leave because they tend to have the highest incomes that need to be paid. This plan would have worked if it wasn’t for one flaw in the system (again designed by those who would later abuse it) that was put in place under the idea of retention of critical employees.

The loophole was that you could, in certain occupations, retire for one day, and then return to work again as an employee. I think the idea was that Philadelphia was worried about losing too many Police, Firefighters and Teachers under the DROP plan and so they wanted to make sure they had a way of keeping qualified people in those fields. Sadly, our corrupt city also allows politicians (who should never be allowed a pension at all as this is a public service to govern) to retire for one day and collect their pensions. Those pensions are worth millions of dollars and those politicians are sucking up lots of money and going right back to work the next day and apparently see no moral issue with this plan!

PRizzo22-a MargeTartaglione_PhiladelphiaElections Let me make this clear: I have no problem with the DROP program at all. What I have a problem with is that politicians voted themselves the ability to use the DROP program and are not really retiring. Instead they are basically sucking money out of a broke system and then continuing as if nothing changed. The problem with this approach is that from a moral perspective you were elected to perform a civic duty of using city funds wisely and to not steal them. An elected official should not be allowed a pension as they are not working a typical job for a typical company. What they do is manage money of their constituents and live in their locations. The ability to collect a pension as a politician smacks of wrongfulness on a scale I can not contain. Basically this person is telling you that you should pay him till he dies, a high salary, because he bankrupted your city, appropriated funds, put projects in your community, raised your taxes, and didn’t care to listen to his voters. Then on top of collecting this pension, he/she will return to work and take more of your money and screw you over again!

2582994229_335ea1f3f5_o stupid_voters-12166_copy So ok, this situation is pretty bad. What makes matters worse is that the news did a segment at a local diner and asked people about this issue. Most of the people needed to be told what this was and who was doing it! Mind you this was and has been a major news issue for over a year!! Once they were told about it, they all basically stated the same thing: “oh that’s wrong, they shouldn’t do that, people are poor enough and the city is broke!” So far so good. Finally the city asked if they would vote for those candidates (who just took the money and retired for the day) and they stated crap like : “oh yeah, well if she was sincere in her desire to change the city for the better I would vote for her” and “well I have to vote for him, I don’t abandon my political party”. Incredible!

So essentially the voters of Philadelphia are willing to believe that 1. A career politician who just looted a large amount of money and came back to work will be worth voting for if she/he promises to repair the problems of the city. 2. That voting for your political party is more important then voting for an honest person who is not stealing from you. 3. That DROP is a horrible idea made by horrible people in politics and that we should reelect these assholes!

Did I miss something one day? Was there a citywide stupid pill holiday??

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January 21, 2011 at 12:37 am

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