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Estrus and Proestrus

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mlk_0 DSC03758 Well yesterday marked the first day that I noticed my little angel Bella is becoming a woman, lol. What I mean to say is that she has finally reached the end of her preteen doggie years and is now entering the zone of adult canine childbearing cycles. According to the websites that I see, this is referred to as ‘Estrus’ and the actual time when the female has her period is referred to as ‘Proestrus’. Take it from me and the title of this blog that I’d rather be writing about two ancient Greek brothers in a classic tragedy instead of my puppy menstruation! Suffice it to say, it merits a post as today marks Martin Luther King Jr. day and well, I really don’t care too much about it. Not in a racist way, but more of a ‘hey the only reason why we are being nice to each other is because a nice black preacher died a long time ago for something we should have been doing the entire time.’ I’d rather there not be martyrs in American history over such petty things. We should have been bigger then we were, and still are. Now back to the show!

DSC03755 6290214_std So according to the guidelines, my dog will experience heat over a 3 week cycle. Proestrus starts with her basically  getting the cramps, peeing a lot more and then bleeding (which would explain why a few days ago she peed all over the flood and was very very clingy). This is expected to last from 4-9 days and has the added bonus of attracting more dogs to her side.

The next stage is Estrus, where she can physically mate and conceive. This time lasts from around 4 to another 13 days. This is her horny time and I am not looking forward to dealing with Bella during this phase as she will be wanting to hump everything in sight (including me). The last animal that went through this phase was Blanca and it was not fun. Everywhere I walked she was underfoot and following me, presenting me with her backside for inspection. I imagine if I were a furry animal that this would be pleasant, but I am not a furry animal (ie. Dog or Cat). Instead I am a human who has to deal with his pet being a horny freak.

DSC03756 The final two stages are Metestrus and Anestrus, which according to the web are basically her egg cycles and are asymptomatic. The scary side is that she still could show false pregnancies and god forbid that another dog comes near her, I’d be freaked out and worries about having a litter of these food mongering scent detectors. So to deal with her rag time, my Bella is now, in her most pathetic moments, wearing a diaper. Why is Bella wearing a diaper? To keep the blood from falling everywhere and to make cleanup much more manageable. The downside is that she looking pathetic (see the picture), does not like to have them on (she keeps picking at them) and they are a pain to get on her body (I mean a real pain). They make the diapers just like baby diapers except that they cut a hole where the tail should go (ingenious aren’t they?). What they really should have designed is a Y shaped diaper. That way you don’t have to spend time threading the tail into the hole (which dogs hate), and the attachments could have been made in under 20 seconds (right now it is three minutes to hold her down and get it done which is a stress she does not need).


Written by Josecito

January 18, 2011 at 12:04 am

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