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Blogging decision

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images_image001 For those of you who stumble upon this post and know of their own resolutions for the new year this one will come as no surprise as many people do exactly what I want to do, or more to the point : many people set out to do the same thing that I am about to set out to do and fail. Here is to hoping that I will not fail in this simple exercise in daily discipline.

I have enjoyed blogging these (almost) two weeks that I have embarked on starting a new regularly maintained hobby. Instead of blogging without any type of schedule or regularity (you know what I mean, the type of person who blogs for a month at the beginning of the year nonstop and then falls off the earth or the person who blogs five days in a row every few months : like what I used to do), I have chosen to maintain this blog on a weekday cycle.

Each day I shall set out a little bit of time to devote myself to writing on this site, Monday through Friday but not the weekends (but if I felt like blogging on the weekends I shall). The goal is to maintain this blog regardless of what is written. Eg. If I run out of software reviews I might blog something personal, financial, a serial novel or anything else so long as I write each weekday.

Why did I decide this?

Too many times we are immersed in a world of visual and audio information. Our society of literate people mainly write emails, their signature, text messages, Facebook posts (or some other social network site). In my continuing effort to remain a member of the class intelligencia and not lose the ability to eloquently state my point of view or debate with others, I must continue to read and write regularly. One loses their tightly honed skill if one does not practice it or maintain it properly. This will be the first of several efforts to maintain my abilities in this ever dimming dark age nation over the next several months.

dcr0210l How does this affect you the reader?

There is a chance that due to the increased volume of writing being accomplished, that misspellings, grammatical errors and shorter posts start rising. This is not unheard of in the blogging world, where there is only so much one can write about in a given day or do or think about before they become exhausted. My intention and effort shall be to maintain the quality of the posts and stabilize the volume of the posts within a reasonable framework. To that end, I am going to go out on a limb and assume that the posts will mostly fall within the one page category.

What if you have lots of things to write about one day and nothing on other days?

This is the beauty of blogging. If I am in the mood to write, I could  write the posts as drafts all on one day (if I am on a roll and flying through them), then upload them with release dates so that I could conceivably write a week’s worth of blogs at once! Granted my intention is to maintain a DAILY habit of writing and thus I would try to refrain from doing this; however, knowing that I could save blogs as backup posts in the event I have a day of writers block is a big advantage in the digital world. It can be surmised that many newspapers with Q&A sections operate under the same principle: you get a pile of work one day, complete them all and then wait to release. This would be fitting with a writing schedule and being a freelancer. My blog is no more special then the next and I will use that trick of the trade to keep it flowing smoothly. Please note that I will make every effort to keep things relevant (in my own weird way) even while doing this. So be assured that you won’t be reading things like : “ Oh my word! Last week the Lusitania was sunk!!!” Unless it was in a vain attempt to be sarcastic or amusing.

So there you have it, my blogging plan. If you don’t like it then tough noogies on you! :)


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January 10, 2011 at 9:54 pm

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  1. It is hard to write on a regular basis. I remember when I was teaching, I had so many stories to tell. Sometimes I even blogged twice a day. It’s a little harder now to come up with content, to find the time to sit down and form coherent sentences out of my rambling thoughts, and to consider my audience at the same time. One of my personal blogging goals is to add more visual interest. I loved inserting pics into my blogs, and I notice that you do the same thing. It helps break up some of the huge blocks of text and it gives the eye something to focus on. Plus, it’s fun :) Where do you find your pics? Google?


    January 11, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    • A good number of pictures are from Google and surprisingly large number are from my own camera. If this were a for profit gig, I am sure that I’d be in trouble for using said images without permission but heck with it.

      I do like the format of writing the blog with images spaced in a neat pattern. I usually try to do groupings of three.


      January 12, 2011 at 12:34 am

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