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Software Review: CamStudio

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So along I go chugging along when it hits me that I could be doing or at the very least experimenting with doing a blog post that has my own video showing how such and such a software works instead of just giving some pretty blah writing descriptions and confusing all of you (maybe 5 readers at most)! A quick and wonderfully simple Google search led me straightaway to this software, which of course is free. So here we go…

3_software CamStudio is an open source software program designed to do one thing: record your desktop screen and your voice (it can be disabled). The target audience is really anyone. The most likely person who would be interested in this software would be someone (like me) who wants to do a review of other programs, or do a video presentation/tutorial on how to use certain programs. Professors and those in the education or business field (HR) would benefit from this especially because you could show via edited videos how certain procedures, writing formats, class assignments, and steps that are needed in a recorded almost real time way. Finally there are those of us who might be gamers or interested in the security aspects of this (albeit a small one). You could record your screen while you are away if you suspect someone of using the machine (better to have this along with a webcam monitoring program), or if you are a gamer you could record your last boss stages or strategy games for posterity.

camstudio2 There are several interesting features of CamStudio that I would like to mention. First you can turn on or off audio recording from your microphone (I imagine if you wanted to voice over or music over your video this would be a plus). Second you can adjust the screen recording size (full screen to a tiny box). Thirdly you can adjust the frame rate of recording. Lastly, you can set up an auto pan feature that will follow your mouse around. The program is very small and will work with Windows (NT/2000/XP) environments. It can save in the default AVI format or can be exported to a SWF Flash product. Heck you can even add in captions to the video and if you are brazen enough you can allow it to record yourself while you are recording the screen (picture in picture feature).

I encourage you if you are even the slightest curious about recording training sessions, reviews or just to experiment to go ahead and download this wonderful program. In one of my future blog entries I will be using this program along with the voice features to show you how to use that next piece of programming. Look for it so that you can see the results.

CamStudio is available here : DOWNLOAD


Written by Josecito

January 7, 2011 at 10:14 pm

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