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Something Nasty to Consider

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This post will be fairly short but nonetheless probably disgust you and make you want to vomit as much as it made me want to, read on for all the goodness!


Sumo-Japan So I was watching the Discovery channel and they had on this show called : The Science of Obesity (though I am not sure how much science outside the NASA channel is on TV these days). I sat down and being the obvious overweight fat man that I am, started to watch it. Mind you the program itself was very informative and cool to watch. They displayed lots of differences in human mechanics as one gets larger and larger. This did not bother me at all, and at one point they showed how Sumo wrestlers gain weight in order to meet their weight requirements which turned out to be much different then the way Americans eat. In a nutshell Americans get fat all through their bodies while Sumo wrestlers accumulate the fat on the exterior of the flesh and maintain stable muscle fibers making their obesity slightly less dangerous then ours (they get fat the way our genetics dictate: they exercise a lot and find more food then normal, the body stores it in fat cells on the outside of muscles since the muscle tissues are constantly moving and being used).

Body-scan-of-a-250-lbs-woman-vs-a-120-lbs-woman The part the upset me was the section on the growth of the human internal anatomy, namely the intestinal tracks. According to the show each one of us carries food in our digestive tracks, some of which does not make it out as poop quick enough and then starts to rot internally (ie. you don’t eat enough fiber or the partially digested foods get stuck in pockets of the intestines and just sit there). For a normal sized person they may have a few ounces of undigested material to a few pounds (depends on the diet and the pattern of intestines for each individual). Now the obese person (say 450lbs) can have around 30 pounds of undigested, rotting food in their intestinal lining! Mind you this is not the food that is passing through the tract, this is ROTTING STUCK FOOD WASTE that is in addition to the normal food moving through!! So if you can imagine my disgust (being a relatively fat man) at the thought of having the equivalent of all my pets in my butt rotting like corpses I came to think about how much time would be needed and what would be needed to do in order to get this stuff out of one’s insides.


Fiber! Yes for those of us who are blessed with the ability to eat large amounts of fiber filled foods, this is the game changer. Early man ate upwards of 100 grams of fiber a day and walked around constantly, keeping his bowels flowing and the toxins on the move out the door. Today people are lucky in the United States to get the daily recommended 38 grams (under 50).  Most days I struggle to find foods that would get me into the 20’s. Is it any wonder why I am getting fat, feel bloated, and get sick at a greater rate then my stone age rival? So my main goal now is to at least reach the daily minimum of 38 grams fiber, with about 13grams being soluble fiber and work from there to see if anything happens.

story2 Which begs the question about weight loss that has been racking my brain over these few days. When people go on a diet and start eating healthy they immediately lose 5-10-20-30 pounds depending on the body size. Most people reply without blinking an eye or crossing a T that this is mainly water weight. What if this is poop weight? What if this is the stuff that was stuck in us and all it needed was a shove out the door?? So I being to wonder about the old adage: You’re full of shit. Really? It is possible that I am 10-20% shit, maybe more. The only way to find that out is to start measuring the food and water that I intake, and measuring the amount of waste I produce and find out what percentage comes out. A fast for a few days might empty my insides and show me exactly how much I really weigh, without the hamburgers, french fries, coffee and ice cream clogging me up. Imagine: you weigh 15 lbs less then you imagined, and it was all due to poor diet and food stuck inside you.

Wouldn’t that be motivation to eat fiber filled food?


Written by Josecito

January 6, 2011 at 8:42 pm

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  1. You’re right… that was gross. But an interesting read, lol.


    January 6, 2011 at 11:15 pm

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