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Today is the first of January, 2011 and you all know what that means, right? Indeed it is a new year and a new day. A time for creating resolutions, reevaluating your choices in life and making the changes needed to improve yourself. It is also a time for reflection on the things that you have and are grateful for having: friends, employment, love, health, position, etc. I ask you, my readers, to take a few minutes to close your eyes, inhale nice and deeply, and think about the good that is in your life and just how lucky you are, especially when considering what many others are going through at this very moment.


I’ll still be here, go on..

… now smile and be thankful that you are not one of the millions who are starving, dying, unemployed, diseased, homeless, robbed, or suffering this first day of the new year, 2011.

As for myself, I am now reminded of those resolutions that I made last year that never came to fruition and the various reasons (read: excuses) why I could not complete them, or more to the point why they eluded me for a solid 365 days. Really they are all still excuses and i will not delude myself into believing them one iota. I suggest you do the same about the things that you set out to do and yet never succeeded during this last year.

I’ll still be here, go on..

… notice anything interesting about them? If you are anything like me or most people, you would have seen a very complex series of resolutions, all aimed at improving oneself or the world around you. Most of your resolutions would have been written in a very eloquent style, with conditions for celebration (if you even bothered to state what would constitute victory) and nothing listed for failure or any means of getting to each stage. In fact most of what I wrote down and set out to do failed for one simple reason: lack of focus.

resolutions So this year, I set only one resolution and made it as simple as possible to avoid confusion or boredom. The only metric that I needed for this resolution is one that will be obvious the moment I fail and will not take 12 months to notice.

So here it is, my New Years Resolution for 2011:

Complete anything that I set out to do in a timely manner by giving it my undivided attention.

That is it. Nothing more, nothing less. Too simple? Not a chance. For most of my life I have noticed that I have great plans and great ambition but no long term attention to seeing it through. Ergo I would set about creating giant lists of things I desired to do and proceed with the utmost urgency in doing nothing about it or doing as much as I could to reach it over the course of a few minutes, days, or weeks and then ignore it (or forget it). Then I realized why I was doing this: I have allowed myself to be distracted by anything and everything around me, all because I preferred procrastination and distraction to success. The end result was a cycle of failures and bad feelings and regret over not finishing things I started. Sound familiar? It will if you have been reading my blog or if you know me.




And if you are anything like me and suffer from this, you may be like me: a poor multitasker and a great accomplisher. The problem lies in modern society and that they expect us to be multitaskers. The constant bombardment of information and distractions destroy people like myself who need a quiet place and undivided time to finish the projects we start. Libraries were once great for this, until cell phones, conversations and computers entered the realm of the quiet book reading Gnome.

So from now on, anything that I need to do, I will do with my undivided attention: turned off cell phones, browsers closed, email closed, radio off, etc etc. I expect great things to come from this. Even this blog post, which took fifteen minutes to write, was accomplished using this method.


Written by Josecito

January 1, 2011 at 7:00 pm

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