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Time for another change

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So I looked at the scale today and did some body measurements (eeek) in order to find out just how out of shape I have let myself become. Below are the numbers, without what they refer to (only I know that) for anyone to look at:

5.11, 254, 51, 46, 17, 16.5, 39

Terrible aren’t they? I agree, and because of that, and because I do not like the look of myself in the mirror I have opted for a change in attack.

I joined a gym.

(hushed whispers of the audience)

Yes, I actually joined a gym so that I can get my fat butt back into shape. I have realized that no amount of dieting will ever work without proper and continued exercise for muscle development. I have also noted that no matter what exercises I do at my house or nearby, nothing has worked in removing said body fat from said body. Really home is too difficult to use as a gym. Think about this:  the food, the television, the laptop, the couch, radio, music. Yes I know that one could always use those things to their advantage if they were so inclined. The real world tends to prevent people (and myself from doing just that). 

Let us postulate that I want to exercise by playing the Wii or DDR every day. This is based on the assumption that I would have the living room free for 30 minutes a day, that my dog and cats will not bother me while I try to exercise, that the living room is clean enough to exercise in, that no one is walking past and getting in the way of a good sweat, that no one else is using the area, that no one downstairs is asleep or that no one will be bothered by the added noise of a fat man exercising.  So that cuts out the Wii and any living room exercises. Oh and it is winter here, so I can count out the –20 wind chill for a jog, and the cars that want to run me over in this god forsaken idiot filled backwater.  I could exercise in my room, but limited space, limited exercises and noise level makes this a no go. Finally, I really do not want to exercise where I normally sleep, eat or relax as it tends to make my brain scrambled (who wants to sit in bed wide awake because their body associates their bedroom with cardio?).

So yes, I joined a gym. Planet Fitness. Is it lame? Somewhat, they really cater to the beginner exerciser and have a lot of cardio machines and very little weight training (apparently to discourage meatheads or whatever). My goal is to workout there until I am in good enough shape to pick another gym that has a higher weight yield for their machines (or i might stay if I decide against becoming beefcake). Their best perks that gave them the leg up: open 24 hours, unlimited tanning booth. I think after I workout I might add in some UV tanning so that I can get some VIT D production via the skin. Not too much UV, just enough to be healthy, I have no intention of looking like an alligator purse.


My ideal BMI would be less then 15% and within Army Standards. I will achieve this goal within the next 12 months.

There, I stated it, my goals for weight loss, my standard for success at the end of the project.

My intermediate goal to reach would be 20% BMI and about 200lbs in the next 6 months.

My  mini change will happen in one month, when I add Tuesdays and Thursdays to my list of exercise days, for weight training and muscle building

My short term starter goal is to go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…and do cardio for a minimum of 30 minutes.


That is all for now.


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December 20, 2010 at 10:22 pm

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The idea for a project

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This isn’t so much a blog post as an update that is written in a very cryptic fashion. Three months ago, I had an idea for an invention that I wanted to develop and market. Now many of you know that from time to time everyone eventually comes up with an idea or two that they think is the million dollar meal ticket to the easy life. I would not be an exception to that rule but for one small hint of potential: I have not seen anything like this marketed to the American public ever, nor have I found anything domestically via a Google or Patent Search. Thusly I have embarked on developing this idea and wanted to share my results so far:

1. I drew up some diagrams and ideas via Google Sketchup 8 (to be reviewed in another post shortly) and ran a quick and simple estimate of the cost of the item : $5-$10 a unit or below based on the technology needed for production (very off the shelf and simple).

2. I ran the idea across a few family members who indeed thought the idea had potential and agreed that they too, despite being older then I, never saw a similar product being advertised or sold on our shores.

3. I hired a law firm to evaluate said item and provide recommendations on what I should do or what would be needed for the project to move forward. Two weeks ago I received their analysis and recommended development plan.

4. I have begin writing up the application for a utility patent, which will be submitted to the US Patent Office for review. Once the paperwork is completed and the draft rewritten a few times, I shall submit my idea for filing and approval. Pending approval, I can go to the next stage of development.


Well that is about all I can tell you, I do not want to leak any information out publicly yet as the idea could be marketed faster and my potential profits vanish.

Written by Josecito

December 20, 2010 at 10:06 pm

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