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Productivity Review: Dexpot

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As many of you already know, I frequently test out new and fairly inexpensive software that I come across or that someone recommends I check out. This blog entry is no different, as I have found another nice piece of cheap programming that I am certain you will like as much as I do. Without further delay I present you with my newfound gem of the internet:


Before the advent of multiple monitors and of tabbed browsing, the computer world looked to a concept that offered a simple solution to the problem of too many open windows. As you can see in the picture to my left, this desktop has a taskbar filled with open programs and switching between them can be a bit of a hassle, especially when trying to do real meaningful work. Notice in this example, I am running just a few programs that someone might use during the day and normally at the same time. MSN Messenger (no open chats at the moment), Internet Explorer (used for IE specific items), Google’s Chrome (default browser in use), Windows Live Writer (writing the very blog you are reading), Windows Media Player (to listen to music while I work), and Windows Live Mail (still opening). Needless to say that this desktop is very crowded and since it is a laptop, a pain to manage and move the windows around while working. Surely there must be a better way to deal with these windows and organize the way I think and work on a daily basis.


image Enter Dexpot, a program designed for the average user and built for the sole purpose of creating a desktop virtualization environment. What exactly is desktop virtualization? Imagine being able to increase your desktop screen space by up to 20 screens, each capable of holding its own windows and running programs. Want all your chat programs on one screen? Done. Want all the articles you plan on reading open on another screen? Bingo. Want your email all the time but do not want to see it until you are ready? Yup. Want to listen to music without having the player on your screen? Indeed! Just look at the screen to the right and you will understand what I am talking about. This is called the Desktop management screen and it is used to give you an overall view of each program you have open and on each desktop. Here there are 4 desktops and the same programs running as in the above example. Notice how clean everything looks and how easy it is to understand what is going on from screen to screen. Do not forget that each of these windows is part of the same computer, it is just that Dexpot has created an way to show you the screens as if they are their own unique computer. Want to lend your computer to someone who needs to run something? Not a problem, just give them a screen that is clean and they can do what they need to do without seeing any of your email, work, or conversations that are going on.




The best feature that this allows you is the ability to customize your desktops as if they are totally separate. Imagine different screens for work, home, and a guest, each with their own icons suitable for what you do at work, at home, and what programs you want anyone using your computer to have ready at hand. Lastly you can actually change the background of each desktop screen to suit the work you are doing there: Lookto your left and you will have a better idea of what I mean. Each of the 4 desktops (which technically, you can make up to 20) has its own background. Also note that one of my backgrounds is totally black, which is my normal default screen because I like minimalist design. On top of all this is the programs cost: Free to use for regular people, about 12-20 Euros for a corporate license. So give it a try and test it for yourself. If you like it, keep it and help these guys by referring them business. They make a great product and deserve to be rewarded for it.


You can learn more about it and download a copy here:


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October 16, 2010 at 4:32 pm

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