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bella2 006 So my sister Colombia’s birthday just passed and my father comes in with her gift: a female beagle puppy. Naturally she was cute and loveable and fun to play with and care for. After careful consideration we have named her Bella. Of course as many of you know I am a lover of all things canine and furry, this particular doggie will be a welcome member of the family. She has one issue: cherry eye, and according to our neighbor and several online sites is very easily correctable and a common issue. Originally she was purchased as a pet for a woman with Alzheimer’s disease but apparently was no longer able to care for her. The puppy was hit by a car and every once in a while chews her back legs, something that I feel the vet will have to evaluate and possibly medicate. Other then this issue she is as healthy as any puppy could be and extremely energetic! To put it mildly, the little girl goes for about 6 walks each day (30-45 minutes each) so that she is acclimated to peeing and pooping outside. The downside is that even this amount of exercise is no tiring her out like my old dog Rocky, even when he was young. I imagine it is the dog breed b/c Bella is meant for a tracking dog for rabbit hunting and is built for long distance chasing. Rocky was bred for guarding and had hip problems which prevented him from going more then 1/4 mile before tiring and deciding to turn back.

This of course can and I hope, will be a big advantage to me in my quest to lose weight. I will be walking her for longer and longer distances by the spring (apparently over-walking them as puppies can cause joint problems for I will be increasing her walks gradually over the coming months).  My goal would be to get her into a 1 mile walk daily at night and two shorter walks : once in the morning and once again at noon. If I can do that I am sure she will sleep soundly and I will have a good base amount of exercise ( already in the last 36 hours I have been moving constantly.. a very good sign). One thing that worries me greatly with her is that Colombia will be working and rarely spends time at home and as my job starts up, I too will be out of the house for a long period of time (more if you include my future college courses)…this type of dog is a very social creature that will be left with my mother and two cats (both of whom want nothing to do with a puppy). A big concern is if she will develop separation anxiety or begin to pee all over the place and shred furniture. Even with crate training my other dog did this and I would not want to same fate to befall Bella. I have read a lot on Beagles and I worry that the only real solution is more attention or another dog for companionship (which I think most people should do for company…as most people leave their pets alone for way too long and treat them like furniture.


Written by Josecito

October 2, 2010 at 3:48 pm

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