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Test Posting and another ticked off Microsoft User

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Ok so this is a test of my blog, which for all of you who read this should know was NOT my idea! Apparently Microsoft has gotten lazy after developing a great program and a simple to use item called SPACES on its Windows Live platform. So today when I posted an update about the new Beagle I was told that so many people complained about not being able to do a lot on Spaces (which is not true) that they chose to ‘enhance’ my blogging experience (which I was unaware that I requested an enhancement) by sending me to WordPress. The real reason why they are doing this is the same reason why Microsoft does anything: to force sales of products that are not needed and to abuse the trust that many loyal users have given their more quality controlled programs in exchange for the almighty dollar. I have been happy using Live Writer and Spaces, and like about 90% of users, have no desire to change my blogging site. I have no desire for a richer experience (how much better can letters written on a screen get?), nor did I have any desire to increase my audience. Truth is, the company appears to be discontinuing its working products in an effort to force people to upgrade to Windows 7. That’s all this is. The new version of Live Essentials is Vista and 7 only and can take the migration to WordPress perfectly. The old version (of which they are no longer supporting) is for XP users (about 70% of the market) who are happy with a working product, see no reason (other then the desire to piss money down a toilet) to upgrade and lose programs, data, and gain a shitload of headaches as they are then forced to upgrade equipment (I mean really…my laptop has worked fine and will continue to work for the next 2 years thanks to my own memory/CPU management..) to do the same things they did the day earlier.


The reality is that MSFT is not doing what they did best during the XP years: make a reliable OS that is backwards compatible, and can be customizable to suit 90% of current and future equipment and can be run using existing processors and RAM without slowing down the system. I remember when well written programs were considered a matter of pride and the days long since passed when an OS was meant to run programs that you use and to NOT get in the way of doing the things that you want to do. I have no real problem with MSFT wanting to make a new OS, using newer capabilities. But the issue I have is that they should have layered the OS so that you could run the skeleton that runs the machine, and then add on components piecemeal. I do not like a flashy computer, and I hate the idea of a program that can not disable visual excess. After all, I like my computer clean, fast, simple, and ready to do work. I do not need a desktop icon that is shown in 64,000,000 + potential colors, I do not need a taskbar that can become invisible (especially when the older computer had a great low memory line of code that did it better : HIDE TASKBAR). If I am not using a game and I am not running the most memory intensive crap on earth on my laptop then I do not want the additional garbage automatically loaded to support them.

The truth is this: Windows XP Professional can in as little as 64MB (128 really), Windows Vista needs 512 MB (a 4-8x increase), and Windows 7 needs a bloated 1-2GB (that is 1,000MB-2,000MB, plus another 1,000MB if you want to run your old programs in XP!).

So I have to ask myself: I have an XP Professional Computer with 750MB of RAM which runs the programs I use and has done so perfectly. Why do I want to spend money to buy a new laptop to run a program that will not be able to run those programs I need yet take 10-30x the memory and system resources to do it?

Really… all that you are buying is poor programming and wasted resources. If you have a computer with 2GB or less RAM you shouldn’t use 7 or Vista as they will just overwork your computer.


Thank you Microsoft for once again showing up and ruining good things that you did in the name of the Crappening (the tendency for a good product or service to become a bad product due to cost cutting or the excuse of ‘improvements’)


Written by Josecito

October 2, 2010 at 5:06 pm

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