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For those of you who know me and know me too well, I have a tendency to start projects and then never finish them. It has become more then just a tendency, it is almost an art at this stage of my life, mainly because I have become so skilled in quitting everything that I do or finding ever more creative ways to postpone, ignore, forget, misplace and otherwise halt work on all of my projects. I tend to blame it on my brain and the way is processes information. That is just another excuse for what I am now realizing is just plain old laziness.

The project that I am referring to in the title of this blog is the creation of another manuscript. Yes folks, I am going to start writing something that is more then a page or two and will involve some level of complexity. I have tried it before and did not like the way the book turned out so I deleted it, never releasing it to the public or getting an opinion on its content. This project will be different and it will be a much simpler, less complex story. My hope is to make it a three part booklet, akin to those old fashioned stories that you could buy at a newsstand or at an airport, where today all you find are Penthouse Forum, romance novels, and other assorted pornographic text based drivel. At most the story would be around 100 pages, most likely I would be trying to get the whole thing done in under 60, that way editing can be quicker, the plot smaller, and finally so I can feel a little sense of accomplishment in completing it and releasing it, instead of my previous work which ended in the digital trash.


I can only imagine that my lack of patience combined with my sheer inability to piece together a well written paper will have me looking like the scribe in the left side picture! Nevertheless I shall aspire to do great things as this is one of my life goals and I have continuously wanted to write something since around thirteen years of age. Why do I delay myself is too great a subject to go into on this little blog, perhaps I will write about that another day in greater detail then I even have online or discussed in private. If you, the reader are lucky, you will have the chance to read it and understand me a little better and perhaps pity me and my lackluster performance in the creative arts. Until that time, just be contented to read my blog and put up with my pointless yammering about ever growing subject material. It is almost believable that I am a really old man, with a cane in my hand, yelling about the modern world and all its excess! Maybe I am a reincarnated grumpy old fart, it is possible that I was born old into a young body, or that I am aging faster then many other people and what you see is not a 31 year old man, but a 93 year old who has lived past his time.

Until that question is answered, just stick around and see if I will even finish this project, or will it be ignored, like all the other projects that I have started. Ignored and destroyed at the moment before it is completed, as if a tragic curse has befallen me, to always want to create and do good things but never being able to see my dreams made real, and useful to the world.


Written by Josecito

September 8, 2010 at 7:49 pm

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