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Product Review: Hott Notes

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In my never ending quest towards finding better and more practical ways of doing things it occurred to me to look for a way to have a mini post it note program on my laptop. Granted these things can be done using a text editor (Notepad, Wordpad, DarkRoom) or a variety of GTD programs (think OneNote), yet something seemed out of place in their use for the simple task of making a quick to do list or reminder.


Let’s think about the basic text editor Notepad. Yes it is quick to open, does not take a lot of RAM or processor power to utilize, and it can be used to make a task list, a reminder sheet or any set of instructions needed. However it lacks several things that would make it an ideal candidate for what I need, or what most people look for when they think of a quick reminder: the ability to see it within a second, to delete it easily, to doodle, to make check marks and to move it around the desk or wall (like you would in real life). So although it can do the job, it sorely lacks in its ability to manage quick information without seeming too restrictive.





Now let us take a look at Microsoft’s OneNote. Here we can see that the program does have a very user friendly method of inputting information, jotting down reminders, sharing the information, adding pictures, and organizing that information towards a specific purpose. Plus, it constantly saves the state of its’ contents as you update it! However, the program does take a lot of memory to run in the background on my older laptop, it isn’t as quick to make a note of something simple, and it really is geared towards project oriented work, multi-task and multi-user endeavors. Plus it too doesn’t really leave me a reminder on my desktop of stuff I might need to complete before the day’s end or a running tab of priorities that I could check off in a moment’s notice from the Desktop. It’s a great program, it is just not what I need for the type of things that I do.




So with those two programs offering me almost what I want, I set out to find my quick and painless way to leave myself reminders, to-do lists, doodles, checklists that I can easily open, see, and edit right at my Desktop from the moment that I power up my laptop but takes up so little RAM and CPU power as to actually allow my computer to be useable for other tasks. That is when I found Hott Notes. Take a look at a screenshot of my Laptop so that you can see what it looks like:

image Now before you ask me why my screen looks like this, let me tell you that while I am at home, my laptop has a second monitor hooked up and has the Extended Desktop enabled, giving me more space to do work. Each of those little boxes are digital post-it notes created by the Hott Notes program, which is about 10% of the size of the Post-it note program and does the exact same thing! They can be moved around, their color can be changed, they can be set to doodles, have an alarm that plays a sound to let you know you’ve reached a deadline or have to accomplish something. And the best part about Hott Notes is that it is Shareware/Freeware. If you like it (like I do) then the programmer asks that you send him a remittance to help him continue his work. Naturally after trying it out for another week, if I decide on keeping it, I shall be sending a payment as a thank you for this wonderful program!

If you are in need of digitizing your to-do lists, clearing your desk of cluttered reminders and snippets of one line tasks, then this program is for you! Consider this as a step above Notepad (in that you can see more then one open) , a step below OneNote (much simpler interface for simpler information) and an all around utilitarian method of keeping your life better organized and in a matter that you will learn very quickly.

So give it a shot, and if you like it, tell the designer and pay him for his work, you’ll be happier for it:  HottNotes


Written by Josecito

September 5, 2010 at 5:05 pm

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