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As predictable as I normally appear, nothing surprised me more as my delay in blogging here. In the past I owned a Myspace account and blogged nearly every day about anything and everything that came to mind. Nowadays I can’t seem to be bothered by it. At first, I thought it was that I had nothing to say or content of sufficient value to place upon the blog, but today I have come to the conclusion that my lackluster performance in this sphere was due to poor ergonomics of my computer chair.

As you can see from this picture, when I first set up my computer desk, I was situated with a standard foldout chair ($20) which I thought rather uncomfortable but forced me to sit up and do my work rather quickly and effectively. Anytime I slouched or sat for too long my back would hurt, forcing me to take breaks, move around, or concentrate on what I was doing. After about four months of working from my home desk with this chair, I found a cheap deal from CVS on a leather chair ($40), which is pictured at the right. This chair, once I got it home and assembled it felt great, it was comfortable, it swiveled, leaned back and allowed me to spend hours at my desk, which in my mind, should have allowed me to complete incredible volumes of leisure activities, writing, research, scholastic improvement, etc. How wrong did I turn out to be. The chair was too comfortable, the leaning ability encouraged my body to slouch and drained every ounce of effort that I had previously. I went from writing daily to never again, to using my PC as an entertainment venue.

Well about a week or two ago, this so called great chair for PC work finally kicked the bucket when, as I was leaning back watching a video, two wheels cracked and toppled my fat rump to the floor! Was I pissed? Not really. I was more embarrassed by the very action of my body breaking my chair. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as this chair tended to squeak a lot, was not good for my posture, inhibited my chi when trying to work and made a nuisance of itself in general (the arms would not allow the seat to slide under the desk without first lowering the chair’s height to floor level and the maximum height was really designed for someone in the 5 foot 5 to 7 inch range, whereas a many of my size (5’11 –6’1’) finds his body too large to sit comfortable without the slouch).

Once the chair broke, I was forced to use my old folding chair which had been sitting with its folding chair and card table family downstairs in the Florida room (more like a storage/junked room). For the last few days my back has hurt as I am readjusting again to the concept of good posture, proper laptop screen angle, and a much harder surface under the rump. Needless to say, this has shortened my time online but my productivity is increasing, albeit slowly. Even tonight, as I sit here, I can feel my attention sharper then it has been in a long long time, my desire to write has returned and the focus has returned to my life and things that matter.

So to summarize:  When choosing a good seat for a PC desk. Invariably you should go with something much more rigid, that promotes good posture, does not make too much noise or slide around, and more often then not, you will find yourself staring at an older model chair. Failing to do this will result in too much comfort, which will tend to cause you to lose your focus and that is when your productivity will fall…dooming you and your work to mediocrity.


Written by Josecito

September 5, 2010 at 4:05 am

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