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So this month there was a contest being held by the company that I purchase my gold and silver bullion from called APMEX. The idea was to create a two minute or less video on why you love APMEX before today and they will judge them and give out prizes and whatnot. So I submitted one and have my fingers crossed that I win something…but even if I don’t I am happy to have made a video and had the chance to use Movie Maker a little more and gain some more experience with it.





I originally wanted this to be in Old timey style black and white with graininess…but sadly the video looked like crap when it was generated that way. Maybe the next time I make a video I will use Sepia tone or grayscaling directly from the camera to accomplish it. The muscial score is Beethoven and doesn’t violate any copywriting dealys. Still all in all a good accomplishment that took about two hours to create over a period of two days. If I wanted to, I could have really made this thing much better. This being my first real attempt at video editing…I still say I did a damn fine job of it. Next time will be much much cooler. No pun intended.


Written by Josecito

February 14, 2010 at 8:53 pm

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