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The Job Hunt and the Economic Future of America

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So a friend of mine who works in the IT industry has not been able to find a job in the IT fields for over a year and he has broken down and move on to being a phone jockey. Mind you, this is a guy with ten years experience, is top in his field, has a degree and umpteen certifications on stuff that I wish I knew or had a clue. So he ended up with a 50% pay decrease and a dead end career that can be outsourced to India (to be stationed right next to the IT job he had a year ago that was outsourced). Lucky for him he paid all his major debts and has a fully paid car as well…thus leaving him in a much more flexible position for these poor economic times.

This got me thinking about the career paths I have chosen. I majored in Economics, which completely fell apart along with the Banking industry due to mismanagement. And during that time I studied independently Computer Science and Tech Support…which has now been relegated to the third world support desks thanks to companies nickel and diming the United States down the totem pole of power. I wonder what other careers will collapse as our false service sector economy and massive debts begin blowing up in our faces? When will we reach the point where it will be cheaper to make things here then overseas? The most horrifying thought is that we will be here at this bottom for many many years. We have to face the fact that our nation has a huge pile of surplus stuff that will be circulated and recycled and reused for other things as we wind down our debts and continue to lose jobs. As Kunstler rightly pointed out: this is a yard sale nation.

So I have modified my job search to start accepting the only jobs that will appear to be growing…collections, call centers, and the various other low paying excrement that happens after society falls apart. Let’s hope that doesn’t get outsourced.


Written by Josecito

January 24, 2010 at 3:14 pm

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