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Two Recommendations for Writing

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1. Windows Live Writer



Ok so I break down and state this, I like Windows Live Writer for my blogging. It is very easy to use, requires very little time to understand it (I really think it is a modified version of Word 2.0), and lets you get your work done offline, saving your own drafts and editing a blog without all the hassle of having to be online or using overdone software. I have found it quick, efficient and minimalist. With like all things that I like if it isn’t done at least efficiently and with KISS in mind (the acronym not the band), then it should be reevaluated.

Live Writer works with more then just Live Spaces too, you can customize it for other blogs and best of all it is free. If you have a chance and the time to try out this program, I encourage you to give it a try. And no, this is not some paid entry. I generally dislike Microsoft products but prefer them to Apple simply on their market prevalent, though I imagine if I had more time and an independent career, I would go with a Linux system (the most effective but only if you know how to use a computer intimately and like dealing with its’ guts).

To download Windows Live Writer, follow this link:






2. Dark Room



If you have not heard of this program then I encourage your to look it up immediately if you are a writer or someone who wants to be a writer but continually gets distracted by having a computer with bells and whistles and colors. What it does is take your PC and turn it into a black screen green character text editor..full screen. Nothing really else to say about it. There are no page breaks, no fonts, no spell check. This puppy is made to punch out characters like nothing else and to get you thinking about what you want to write and nothing else. If you want to edit it for spelling and page count and other whatnot you can use other programs later (at the editing stage of writing), this one is just for writing the material that you would be editing later on. Remember that? There was a time when we would simply write our thoughts out before modifying them or adding a bunch of filler. Nowadays I see people trying to write a paper (myself included) that starts off with me spending something like 60% of my effort in spacing, fonts, bold prints, italics, etc. This has none of it. The idea here is to Zen minimal-ize your way into doing your writing and then enhance it afterwards.

To download Dark Room, follow this link and if you really like it, help this guy out, donate to his cause, he made something nice and useful for us all:


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January 8, 2010 at 1:51 am

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