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from 252lbs to 239lbs

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So the numbers are in and my reward for the initial week of weight loss tallies in at around 13lbs on the scale. I am betting a good 7lbs is water weight loss due to changes in salt intake and lack of water absorbing grains in the digestive system but still… excellent week that tells me that I am doing something right!

Was it difficult, yes, Did I want to quit daily…oh yes. Do I care now? You bet. Still I am now 39lbs left to lose and this is when the weight loss slows down and take the 4-8 pounds a month to lose usually. So I expect to weigh in around 237lbs next week which of course is a huge decline in my rate of weight loss, but still that is 7,000 calories of pure fat removed, or roughly 315 Hershey’s Kisses (9 are about 200 calories) removed.

Other things of note are that I feel my arms getting stronger from the exercises as much of my effort this year is on muscle building and strength training…as muscle is denser then fat and burns calories, it logically would appear to provide an out of shape person more bang for their buck: work out to build muscle and let the muscle remove your fat while dieting. No need for endless treadmills, no need for biking 100 miles a day, no need for marathon running at this stage.

Other then that, I am happy about this, my only cheat was one cup of hot regular English Afternoon Tea with milk and sugar on Day 7 to celebrate….man it tasted good!


Written by Josecito

January 8, 2010 at 6:13 pm

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