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Pitch Black

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Ok so I just finished watching this movie and can not believe how lame the people are in it. For those of you who haven’t seen it and do not care, or for those of you who have seen it but do not remember it, here is a brief synopsis:

A bunch of people and one criminal crash land on a moon circling a planet resembling Saturn. This solar system has 3 suns that almost constantly shine except for this one brief moment of time when the suns are blocked by the giant shade of the planet that the moon circles. The survivors appear to crash on the day before everything goes black and the moon falls into shade. No apparent life on the planet except for some bones and evidence of a previous and failed colony.

So while the survivors are running around they discover another, unused and miraculously untouched ship with the doors wide open and not a speck of dust on it (mind you the rest of the remains of the colony are pretty chopped up and have been deserted for what appears to be years). They start loading their stuff by making a single trip to the new ship, only to realize that they need some more fuel (and that they have a little but not enough to leave the planet). After their first trip and thinking the suns never set, the survivors run around and explore, only to realize that the whole moon is covered by some underground flying radar meat eating bird that can not leave the darkness and that this darkness is about to show up and last a long long time….so they better leave quick as the planet is starting to create total darkness and they will all die horrible deaths if they stay (like the colonists before them).

I have no problem up until this point and after this point I am really not that bothered by it except for one small and albeit critical detail. They mention that their newfound ship has fuel, but not enough for the long journey, and is fully functioning otherwise (hence the need to get more supplies from the old broken ship). Why on earth did they not just fly the new jet over to the wreck site and just load the stuff instead of walking it and driving it miles from the crash site to the new ship? Every single person that survived the crash would have lived, and they could have saved 2 hours of my life.

Really it irked me that much. I mean, I could understand if the ship just wouldn’t work at all without parts, but the movie made it seem like they were teenagers with a car and $5 worth of gas. Certainly they wanted to drive to the beach and needed more gasoline…but you’d think with the $5 of gas in the gas tank…that they would have driven the bloody car to the gas station instead of say….walking ten miles with 1 gallon gas cans?


Written by Josecito

January 6, 2010 at 1:58 am

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