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So last night was a House marathon, and me, being bored and not wanting to spend money, decided to watch three of the episodes. It appears as though in the show everyone who is sick, depending on the season is suspected of having the above mentioned disease, Cushing’s, Lymphoma, or some form of virus X (name whatever was in fashion when they wrote the episode). Not that the actual sicknesses make the show interesting at all (very formulaic approach) but that it really causes the show to move, providing a segway to the actual plot which is the characters interacting with each other. Maybe it is just me, but House seems to have all the makings of a cheesy soap opera but a better time slot. The characters generally have high animosity, but are willing to sleep with one another, there are life after death stories, births, deaths, twins, parthenogenesis, and the occassional drug addict. The only major difference is that the majority of the ‘issues that are given to the main cast of Soap Operas is given to the patients in order to keep the show moving. Think of it as a Soap Opera mixed with Star Trek in the modern world: you have the infamous ‘anamoly’ that causes the show to begin and gives the reason why people hate each other an excuse to hang out. You have work related romances, drinking, drugs, abuse by an authority figure, and most importantly.. blatant overt sexual deviancy.

Still I give it 2 thumbs up for milking every minute of the public attention toward the banal and repetitive. But that is not the reason for this posting.

The reason why I chose to post this is my, as Dr. House would put it: “ my epiphany, that I had, all by myself”. The character of Dr. House is me, sans the success, job, drug abuse, talent or more rugged good looks and exercise. What does that leave you with? Well a sarcastic, self absorbed, know it all jerk, who treats people like crap, lies, cheats, steals, and have no apparent feelings of guilt or remorse nor learns how to improve himself or taper his personality quirks. The difference is that the Dr. House can do these things because he is successful and obviously the most talented Dr. in the country. I can not.

All of this drives me to one conclusion, when people meet insensitive jerks like Dr House in real life but have no real success, they do not make a tv show out of them…well maybe COPS, no…they ignore them and toss them to the outskirts of society for not kissing ass and sucking up in a poor attempt at social behaviors. So why is Dr. House so successful as a TV Show? Could there really be that many people like me who sympathize with the lead character as to keep the show going? Or are the people who are not like Dr. House watching the show and in some way, agree with him and wish to be like him? If it is the latter, then society is knee deep in hypocritical BS and needs to realize it. If it is the former, then once again, myself and the other unsuccessful versions of Dr. House need to get our shit organized and imitate art a little more.


Written by Josecito

January 4, 2010 at 2:58 pm

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