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So this is my formal first post to kick off my plans on this new year 2010, yes, I know it is still 2009 but I need a stepping point to keep myself focused in 2010 and I figure it is best to know what I want and why before I enter the next year without a plan and without a clue.

We all make resolutions and almost all of us fail in keep them and I wonder why that happens to us. The only two answers that I could come up with that make sense are the we make resolutions we don’t really want to follow through on or that we fail to maintain our pledges. The first is a failure of priority, the second is of discipline. Since it is my goal to make and keep the 2010 resolutions I need to adequately prepare myself and plan for implementing them. The resolutions that I have come up with below are those that I want to accomplish in the next year and the reasons given. That covers the first half of failures that occur: making resolutions that we don’t really intend to keep. The second half: lack of discipline, is a much harder nut to crack and involves setting yourself up on a schedule that makes following your goals easy and violating them very hard to do without consequence.

1. Lose weight : 52lbs. I have read online, in books, and in magazines that losing weight at more then a 1-2lb a week level sets yourself up for failure immediately. I have just weighed myself and hit the 250lb line and it sickens me to see myself reach this level. A 500 calorie deficit daily should tackle this problem. I intend to go after the likely culprits: White sugar, Sodas, Candies and Snacks. The second culprits that I will attack are the grains and legumes, being calorically intensive and nutritionally minimal. A suitable substitute for them are more veggies and fruits/nuts. Each morning I will have black coffee or green tea with a small piece of fruit.

2. Exercise Daily: It is my goal to not only lose my fat exterior, but to build muscle and feel healthier/stronger. To reach this goal I will embark on a situp, pull up, squat and push up program. 3x a week to increase my body strength. Additionally I will walk/jog 30 minutes daily to increase Cardiovascular health. So Strength Training will be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the morning. All week in the evening, I will walk 30 minutes around my neighborhood.

3. Write One Book: I bought a manual on how to write a novel or start a novel in 30 days. That was 3 months ago. According to the books own outline I could have written a book, edited it, rewrote it and self published in those 90 days. To accomplish this goal, I will start writing on January 1st and follow the book’s methodology, completing the program by January 30th. I am setting my minimum writing requirement to 10 pages daily.

4. Become A+ and Network + Certified: About 3 years ago, I bought study guides on passing these two exams and then half heartedly read some of it and never actually accomplish this goal. To complete this goal, I am setting February 1st as my start date for the A+ study and March 1st as the start of my Network + study. I will take two months, one for each guide, study and take the exams.

5. College Completion Plan: I officially started college in 1997. I have less then a year of classes to go for a Bachelor of Arts at Holy Family University. The first week of January I am going to go through my paperwork, Make a List of needed classes and seek out funding for those classes. If funding can not be found, or if I can not continue class work in January, I will orient my timeline for admission in the fall semester and graduate before 2011.

6. Dance Lessons: One of the goals that I have yet to accomplish in the past was taking classes in Dance. I want to Salsa and Tango but never signed up for classes. As a reward for writing a book, and passing the two Certification Programs I will register and take Latin dance classes in April.

7. Savings Goal: $1500: This past year has left me with the knowledge that emergencies come and go and the lack of an emergency fund is a terrible way to exist. This year I will make it my goal to save $1500 and hold it as an emergency fund.

8. Debt Repayment: $xxxxxx: These past years has left me debt ridden and in a financial hole that has held me down and prevented me from following my dreams. It is now my goal in 2010 to being repaying these debts and eliminate this financial yoke that has held me down for so long.

9. Improve Spanish Fluency: The last two years has shown me the value of knowing two languages and applying it to use in everyday life. My goal for 2010 is to continue using my Spanish and improve it. To learn and use more verbs and their tenses correctly.

10. Vacation Colombia: No Resolution list should ever be complete without a list of ways that you can reward yourself for meeting certain goals and accomplishments. My reward for meeting the above listed 9 resolutions and setting them up, will be to take a 2 week vacation down to Colombia. I have a strong desire to visit there and relax a little.

11. Full Time Employment: No list would be complete without the source of income needed to accomplish these tasks. To that end, it is my goal that before the month of January is over, that I be employed full time in a job that is within a 30 minute bus, car or train ride from my house. Preferred employment options would be an employer who uses the IT market or Financial field, and who offers College assistance.


There you have it, my New Year’s Resolutions. Good Luck.


Written by Josecito

December 31, 2009 at 6:53 pm

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